Nickname for Philip, Phillip, or Felipe
"lover of horses"

Flip Origin and Meaning

The name Flip is a boy's name meaning "lover of horses".

Flip is a cute, attitude-filled nickname for the very proper Philip and variations. A perfect choice if you're looking for a buttoned-up proper name with an informal short form.

Famous People Named Flip

  • Clerow "Flip" WilsonAmerican comedian and actor
  • Philip Daniel "Flip" SaundersAmerican basketball coach
  • Lil' Flip (born Wesley Eric Weston Jr.)American rapper
  • Flip Mark (born Philip Mark Goldberg)American child actor
  • Flip Phillips (born Joseph Edward Filipelli)American saxophonist
  • Thomas Scott "Flip" PhillipsAmerican drummer of Creed and Alter Bridge
  • Flip Kowlier (born Filip Willy Mariette Cauwelier)Belgian singer,songwriter
  • Phillip Rudolph "Flip" van der MerweSouth African rugby union player