Irish, variation of Fionnan

Finan Origin and Meaning

The name Finan is a boy's name .

With Finn, Finley, Finnegan, and Flynn in the charts, Finan offers another way to get to that popular sound. A spelling variant of Fionnan, Finan is an Irish name that means "little, white and blessed".

Finan Cam was a 6th century saint who was said to cure illnesses and receive prophecies. More recently, the TV show The Last Kingdom and the book series it's based on have brought the Finan into the spotlight, by using it as a name for a central character.

Rising from obscurity back in 2018, to becoming a fast rising name in 2023, Finan might be worth watching. In the UK, it's edging towards the Top 1000, sitting besides the likes of Everett and Merlin.

Finan Popularity

Finan in Pop Culture

  • Financharacter on the Netflix show, The Last Kingdom