French, Catalan and Spanish from the Latin Eligius
"the chosen"

Eloi Origin and Meaning

The name Eloi is a boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "the chosen".

From the saintly name Eligius, Eloi is popular in Catalonia but rarely used by English speakers. There's potential for confusion with Eli - and with the Aramaic word eloi, said to mean "my God", which appears in the bible.

Eloi Popularity

Famous People Named Eloi

  • Eloi AmagatSpanish footballer
  • Eloi BaribeauCanadian businessman and politician
  • Éloi GuillemetteCanadian politician
  • Éloi JohanneauFrench philologist
  • Eloi MetullusHaitian Olympic sport shooter
  • Éloi MeulenbergBelgian road bicycle racer
  • Éloi PélissierFrench rugby league player
  • Elói SchlederBrazilian long,distance runner
  • Elói SilvaPortuguese footballer
  • Eloi Tassinrench road bicycle racer
  • Eloi Charlemagne TaupinFrench general in the Napoleonic Wars

Eloi in Pop Culture

  • Eloifuturistic race in H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine"
  • In Frenchthe name is usually written with an accent, "Éloi", and pronounced like "ay,lwa".