"God will raise up"

Eliakim Origin and Meaning

The name Eliakim is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "God will raise up".

Little-used name borne by several biblical figures including a king. It would make an unexpected way to get the nickname Eli - or Kim.

Famous People Named Eliakim

  • EliakimBiblical son of Hilkiah, finance minister for King Hezekiah
  • Eliakimanother name for King Jehoiakim of Judah (2 Kin. 23:34)
  • Eliakimson of Abiud, father of Azor (Matthew 1:13)
  • Eliakim CarmolyFrench Jewish scholar
  • Eliakim P. ScammonAmerican Civil War general
  • Eliakim H. MooreU.S. Congressman from Ohio
  • Eliakim Persons Waltonjournalist and U.S. Congressman from Vermont
  • Eliakim SherrillU.S. Congressman from New York and Civil War commander
  • Eliakim LittellAmerican periodical editor
  • Eliakim ben Meshullam11th century German rabbi
  • Eliakim "Kim" UasiTongan rugby league player