"fortunate protector"

Eamonn Origin and Meaning

Variation of Edmund

Famous People Named Eamonn

  • Eamonn CeanntIrish revolutionary leader and signatory
  • Eamonn Roderique WalkerAmerican actor
  • Eamonn HolmesNorthern Irish journalist and broadcaster
  • Eamonn SullivanAustralian Olympic swimmer
  • Eamonn AndrewsIrish radio and TV presenter
  • Eamonn Christopher CoghlanIrish Olympic athlete and politician
  • Eamonn MaloneyIrish politician
  • Eamonn DugganIrish politician
  • Eamonn KissaneIrish politician
  • Eamonn John BannonScottish footballer
  • Eamonn Gerard O'KeefeIrish footballer
  • Eamonn ToalIrish singer

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