English, contraction of Dennison

Dyson Origin and Meaning

The name Dyson is a boy's name of English origin.

This could be a possible replacement for the overused Tyson, though it has something of a commercial feel related to the brand of vacuum cleaners.

Famous People Named Dyson

  • (John) Dyson HeydonAustralian High Court justice
  • Dyson LovellAmerican film producer and actor
  • Dyson ParodyGibraltarian darts player
  • Freeman John DysonEnglish American theoretical physicist and mathematician
  • Jarrod DysonMLB Outfielder

Dyson in Pop Culture

  • Dyson Thornwoodcharacter on TV's "Lost Girl"
  • Dr. Dyson Ido (or Daisuke Ido)character from film and manga "Alita: Battle Angel"
  • Dysonvacuum cleaners