Drummond Origin and Meaning

The name Drummond is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "ridge".

At one time associated with the fictional detective Bulldog Drummond, this formal surname name does boast the cute nickname Drum.

Famous People Named Drummond

  • (John) Drummond AllisonEnglish WWII poet
  • Drummond Nicol BrownAmerican baseball catcher
  • (James) Drummond ErskineAmerican character actor
  • Drummond St. Claire FordScottish international rugby union player
  • Drummond Hoyle MatthewsBritish marine geologist and plate tectonics pioneer
  • (Thomas) Drummond ShielsScottish politician
  • Carlos Drummond de AndradeBrazilian poet and writer
  • Andre DrummondAmerican basketball player
  • Edward DrummondEnglish British civil servant,Personal Secretary to several British Prime Ministers
  • Ree DrummondAmerican blogger, chef, and television personality

Drummond in Pop Culture

  • Edward Drummondcharacter in ITV's Victoria.Played by Leo Suter.