French from Greek, vernacular form of Dionysius; "god of Nysa"
"god of Nysa"

Denys Origin and Meaning

The name Denys is a boy's name of French origin meaning "god of Nysa".

Alternative spelling of Dennis, and the usual transliteration from Ukrainian. Used (though rarely) for both sexes.

Denys Popularity

Famous People Named Denys

  • Denys RolleEnglish MP, philanthropist and American settler
  • Denys Louis LasdunEnglish architect
  • (GeorgesHenri) Denys Arcand, Canadian film director
  • Denys Arthur RaynerEnglish WWII naval officer
  • Denys Tudor Emil RobertsBritish Hong Kong official and judge
  • Denys Val BakerBritish novelist