"battle leader"

Cadwalader Origin and Meaning

The name Cadwalader is a boy's name meaning "battle leader".

An ancient Welsh name belonging to an early modern king and saint, among others. The Irish cognate, Cathal, is more widely known.

Famous People Named Cadwalader

  • Cadwaladr ap CadwallonWelsh king of Gwynedd
  • Cadwaladr ap Gruffyddthird son of Gruffydd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd, Wales
  • Cadwallader ColdenAmerican physician and colonial Governor of New York
  • Cadwallader Colden WashburnAmerican founder of General Mills
  • Cadwallader David ColdenU.S. Congressman from New York; 54th Mayor of New York
  • Cadwalader RinggoldAmerican naval officer and explorer
  • Cadwallader John BatesEnglish historian
  • Cadwallader Jackson WiltseAmerican politician from Wisconsin
  • Cadwallader Blayney10th Baron Blayney, Irish nobleman
  • Cadwallader Blayney12th Baron Blayney, Irish politician
  • Cadwallader OwenWelsh clergyman
  • Henry Cadwallader AdamsEnglish cleric and novelist

Cadwalader in Pop Culture

  • Algernon CadwalladerAmerican emo band

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