French and Spanish, diminutive of Sebastien
"person from ancient city of Sebastia"

Bastiaan Origin and Meaning

Variation of Bas

Famous People Named Bastiaan

  • Bastiaan "Bas" de Gaay FortmanDutch politician and scholar
  • Bastiaan Johan Christiaan "Bas Jan" AderDutch conceptual artist
  • Bastiaan Johannis "Bas" van der VliesDutch MP
  • Bastiaan Cornelis "Bas" van FraassenDutch,American philosopher
  • Bastiaan "Bas" ZuiderentDutch cricketer
  • Bastiaan OrtDutch Minister of Justice
  • Bastiaan LijesenDutch Olympic swimmer
  • Bastiaan Johannes RagasDutch singer and actor
  • Bastiaan "Bas" BelderDutch MEP
  • Bastiaan Govertsz van der LeeuwDutch painter

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