Arpad Origin and Meaning

The name Arpad is a boy's name of Hungarian origin meaning "seed".

Arpad is a hero name in Hungary, belonging to the Second Grand Prince of the Maygars, who established a dynasty that ruled for four centuries. Not heard often here, but is associated with the French-born financier who got his name from an earlier Hungarian banker and who's been involved with two of the world's most beautiful women — he is, in fact the father of Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson.

Famous People Named Arpad

  • ÁrpádGrand Prince of the Hungarians, considered the founder of Hungary
  • Árpád Göncz1st president of Hungary
  • Arpad BussonFrench financier
  • Arpad Miklos (born Péter Kozma)Hungarian adult film actor
  • Arpad HaraszthyHungarian,American winemaker
  • Arpad SterbikSerbian handballer
  • Arpad Alexander VassAmerican forensic anthropologist
  • Arpad JoóHungarian,American conductor
  • Arpad EloHungarian,American chess master
  • Arpad WeixlgärtnerAustrian art historian

Arpad in Pop Culture

  • Arpadmentioned in Jeremiah 49:23
  • Arpad Laszlochipper delivery boy/sales clerk in "She Loves Me"