Armen Origin and Meaning

The name Armen is a boy's name of Russian origin meaning "Armenian".

Naming your son Armen is like naming him Roman, or German -- it's the term that denotes a person of Armenian descent. Armen has been used as a first name for centuries and is an unusual yet approachable choice, especially if you want to honor your Armenian heritage.

Famous People Named Armen

  • Armen Vardani SarkissianPrime Minister of Armenia
  • Armen Razmiki DarbinyanPrime Minister of Armenia
  • Armen Albert AlchianAmerican economist
  • Armen AmbartsumyanBulgarian,Armenian football goalkeeper
  • Armen Babalaryan(born 1971), an Armenian football midfielder
  • Armen Chakmakian (born 1966)an Armenian,American musician
  • Armen Dzhigarkhanyan(born 1935), an Armenian actor
  • Armen Garo(1872–1923), Armenian politician
  • Armen Gilliam(1964–2011), an American professional basketball player
  • Armen Keteyian(born 1953), an American television journalist
  • Armen Mkrtchyan(born 1973), an Armenian wrestler
  • Armen MartirosyanArmenian politician
  • Armen Nazaryan(born 1974), an Armenian/Bulgarian Greco Roman wrestler
  • Armen Petrosyan(born 1986), an Armenian,Italian kickboxer
  • Armen Shahgeldyan(born 1973), an Armenian football striker
  • Armen Tigranyan(born 1985), an Armenian football midfielder