Arliss Origin and Meaning

The name Arliss is a boy's name meaning "pledge".

Best remembered as one of the boys in "Old Yeller" and the title of a late 1990s HBO sitcom, "Arliss," featuring sports agent Arliss Michaels. Also sometimes heard as a girl's name and a surname (as in early film star George Arliss).

Famous People Named Arliss

  • Leslie Richard "Arliss" HowardAmerican actor and director
  • Arliss BeachAmerican football player
  • Shane Arliss Culkinbrother of actor Macaulay Culkin
  • George ArlissAmerican actor

Arliss in Pop Culture

  • Arliss Michaelsmain character on TV's "Arli$$"
  • Arliss Coatescharacter in movie "Old Yeller"
  • Arliss Lovelessvillain in movie "Wild Wild West"
  • Arliss Lipnickicharacter in the 1994 movie "The War"