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Unique baby names are literally one-of-a-kind, but a unigue name may also mean one that is unusual, cool, and distinctive. Nameberry offers thousands of unique names: Here are some of the best to get you started.

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  • Shamir

    Gender: M Rate:

    Traditional Jewish name and the implement said to have been used by Solomon to cut the huge stones for the building of the Temple.  Read More 

  • Snow

    Gender: F Rate:

    There's definitely a cold front of names moving in, with Summer, Spring and Autumn giving way to Winter--plus North, January, Frost--and Snow. This name feels brisk, fresh, pure, evocative -- and ... Read More 

  • Teo

    Gender: M Rate:

  • Turia

    Gender: F Rate:

    An ancient Roman name, lost to time. Read More 

  • Vachel

    Gender: M Rate:

    Odd name brought to the fore by poet Vachel Lindsay, too close to the feminine Rachel.  Read More 

  • Vega

    Gender: F Rate:

    Another astral name, this one relating to one of the largest and brightest stars in the heavens, is popular in Scandinavia.  Read More 

  • Wilder

    Gender: M Rate:

    Though it hasn't yet appeared in the Top 1000, Wilder is on many parents' possibility lists, one of the new generation of bad boy names growing in popularity. Wilder got a big boost in interest thr... Read More 

  • Zebulon

    Gender: M Rate:

    An Old Testament name with a Puritan feel and post-Zachary possibilities--one of several routes to the cool nickname Zeb. Pike's Peak was named for Zebulon Pike, the best known bearer of the name... Read More 

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