Baby Names

These are the most probable names I'll give my kids. - Created by anamarsrodrigues

  • Andrew James

    Strong and Manly. Supplanter.

  • Avery Bay

    Ruler of the Elves. Berry. (girl)

  • David Christopher

    Beloved. Bearer of Christ.

  • Emily Jayne

    Rival. God's Gracious Gift.

  • Gwyneth Rose

    Blessed, Happy. Rose, a Flower. Perfect nn - Gwyn

  • Jasmine Rose

    Persian Flower name. Rose, a Flower. Two flower names that go perfectly well together.

  • Maeve Elizabeth

    She Who Intoxicates. Pledged to God.

  • Matthew Alexander

    Gift of God. Defending Men.

  • Samuel George

    Told by God. Farmer.

  • Theodore Nicholas

    Gift of God. People of Victory. Nns Theo or Nick.

  • Thomas William

    Twin. Resolute Protection.

  • Violet Lewis

    Purple. Renowned Warrior. Though Lewis is a boy name, I think it goes perfect with Violet.

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