Uncommon Welsh Names

Some of my favorite uncommon names of Welsh origin. - Created by StrixOniro

  • Bowen

    meaning son of Owen

  • Briallen

    means 'primrose'

  • Eira

    pronounced AY-ra, means snow

  • Eifion

    an unexpected surname-name

  • Gwyneira

    Although it may seem like a modern smoosh name of Gwyn and Eira (two of my top favorites) Gwyneira has been used since the Edwardian Era

  • Isolde

    isn't my personal style, but I really do like the meaning, ice ruler

  • Maxen

    The Welsh form of Latin Maximus is a bit more low-profile but an equally unusual choice

  • Meredith

    A soft, gentle name meaning great ruler

  • Owain

    meaning well born

  • Penrose

    A Cornish and Welsh place name that is technically unisex, but seems better suited for a girl

  • Rhisiart

    This Welsh variation of Richard would be perfect to honor a family member with a fresher-sounding name

  • Rhonwen

    84% of berries may prefer Bronwyn- but Rhonwen has much of the same appeal, and would make a great alternative if Brownwyn becomes too popular for your tastes

  • Rowena

    means 'famous friend'

  • Seren

    pronounced a bit like seven but with an r... means star

  • Sion

    Welsh variation of John, pronounced Shon, would be right at home with sound-alikes Sean and Shaun in the US

  • Sulien

    Meaning sun-born and said to be the name of the most learned man in ancient Wales, this is an interesting choice

  • Tarian

    a Welsh unisex name which may be an appealing choice for boys in the US, he would pair perfectly with older brother Tristan