Favorite Boys' Names

- Created by aedunn

  • Abelard

  • Alan

  • Alastair

  • Ambrose

  • Anselm

  • Anthony

    Another classic I like.

  • Arlen

  • Arlo

  • Arthur

    Not sure about this one, but thought I'd add it to the list.

  • Benedict

    Name of the former pope. I like the meaning, "blessed." Also, Benedick is a character in my favorite Shakespeare play, "Much Ado About Nothing."

  • Bennett

    This might be an alternative to Benedict.

  • Cash

    As in Johnny Cash. Might make a good middle name.

  • Crosby

  • Daniel

    Also one of my favorite Bible characters. Happens to be the name of my best friend's husband though.

  • Dashiell

  • David

    One of my favorite Bible characters.

  • Declan

  • Dylan

    Reminds me of Bob Dylan. Might be overused though. And I'm not sure about the meaning.

  • Frederick

    A classic but not über-popular.

  • Gilbert

  • Gregory

    My dad's name. Would be called "Rory."

  • Laszlo

  • Lincoln

  • Milo

  • Pascal

  • Raymond

    I love the nickname "Ray."

  • Rhett

  • Rory

    Not sure if Rory works as a formal first name (instead of a nickname). Reminds me of the "Doctor Who" character!

  • Rupert

  • Simon

    A nice Biblical name.

  • Theron

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