Wild Cards

The most outrageous and distinctive names from my list. In order to reduce temptation, I confined myself to two names for each gender. - Created by SmarterLilac

  • Ardelia

    Sweet and old fashioned with a lovely meaning ('blooming meadow.') Seems a wee bit too bohemian for my kid, though.


    Yes, I know some celebrities are using it, so it's hardly obscure anymore. But outside of Hollywood, I think this name is too trend for many children to bear. Also, in my neck of the woods, many parents are using it for girls.

  • Griffin

    Charming and fun, but reminds me of a medieval jousting contestant. I just can't do anything even remotely 'humorous' with my kid's name.


    Spanning multiple cultures and rich in unusual flavor, despite its humble Biblical origin. This is a bit too far off the beaten path for me, though.

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