Final Four

Top Four picks for girls or boys. - Created by SmarterLilac

  • Alice

    Fit for a princess. Also adorable.

  • Celia

    Strong feeling one child will just match with this one. Could also live with alternatives Cecelia and/or Ceciele.

  • Daisy

    Happiest to be my daughter.

  • Noah

    Baby's other first choice for a name.

  • Peter

    Just got a good feeling about this one.

  • Rebecca

    Super cute. Classic roots with modern currency. And I've always liked the wholesome 'Sunnybrook farm' quality.

  • Sebastian

    Kind of says 'swashbuckling pirate,' but I've had a thing for this one since The Never Ending Story.

  • Simon

    Instinct says this is baby's first pick for a name.

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