Guilty Pleasures

A kid probably wouldn't appreciate them, but these names do have tempting historical and etymological clout. - Created by blue-sky butterfly

  • Chiara

    Saint Chiara (Clare) of Assisi

  • Livia

    Livia Drusilla, the formidable Roman empress - remember "I Claudius"? ;)

  • Melitta

    Poetic variant of "Melissa" - as well as a type of bee and a coffee company

  • Oriana

    Regal-sounding name with sunny conotations derived from either the Latin word for "gold" or "rising"

  • Philip

    Alexander the Great's dad plus it means "lover of horses".

  • Valeria

    A "strong" name borne by both saints and Roman empresses

  • Veronica

    Saint Veronica

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