Names for Series

I am nowhere near having children yet, but I am a name nerd and aspiring writer, so I look for names to put on characters. Now I am trying to write a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-ish series about four girls. Here are what I am going with as of now, along with the descriptions of the characters. - Created by kaitycrazy

  • Emaline Kimberly

    Emaline is an internet stereotype of a teenager who finds herself in the world of indie rock with a desire to become edgier. Emaline comes from the fact that I hear way too many Emily-esque names out there, and I figured I'd mix up a stereotypical name into this girl. The rest of her name comes from music. Kimberly references Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, and Jeremy, her last name, comes from a Pearl Jam song.

  • Jeanette Amy

    My friend Nora gave me the name Jenette, a favorite of hers, which I turned into the more regal and crisp Jeanette. I like unnecessary letters. I would like to name a potential daughter Mathilda, and I preferthe name Georges to George. Amy comes from both a desire for the A middle intial and comedian Amy Poehler, who I will partially model this character after.

  • Maranda June

    The artistic daughter of two Hollywood business-heads deserved a name that was close to a usual name, yet had a mysterious edge. The middle name is summery, as the book was inspired by and takes place in the summer, and is a reference to the (very artistic herself) director Miranda July.

  • Poppy Sarah

    Poppy was a name that came to me, both through Nameberry and my cousin Jaci calling my grandfather "Poppy." My bubbly friend Makenzie was the inspiration for this character. Lively, bouncy, girly, and the name Poppy definitely matches. Sarah is a pending middle name (either spelling), because it is short and feminine. Any suggestions?

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