Baby Names I will use KEAYES

baby names i will actually use for my kids. The names they didn’t let me include are: Fauna, Betty, Johanna, Polina, Julia, Dominique, Veronica & Truly - Created by Apricotprincess

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  • Anastasia

    Annie as nn

  • Annika

  • Antonina

    Nick name Nina

  • Beatrix


  • Billie-Rose

    Billie for my grandad william, rose for my aunt, great aunt & great grandmother

  • Carmen

  • Carolina

    “Carrie” as a Nn

  • Clíodhna

    Clio as Nn. Irish roots

  • Delilah

    Could be Del-Boy as a nick name, ties to my brother as he loved only fools & horses. Ties to my welsh routes because of Tom Jones’ song. Lyla for a NN too links to oasis song which me and my brother love

  • Elodie

  • Elsa

  • Eadlin-May

    Eadie as a nick name. Eadlin is similar to my Great Grandmothers surname, May for my nan

  • Frieda

  • Gloria

    Love the song. Gigi or Lori as nn

  • Gracia

    10th Great Grandmothers name

  • Isla

  • Katja

  • Layla

    fav song

  • Lydia

  • Laeticia

  • Maxine

    mum would have been named maxine. Max as a nn

  • Robyn

  • Sasha

  • Saskia

  • Spencer

  • Summer

  • Svetlana

    Lana or Svetka as NN

  • Wren

  • Zara

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