The Nightrunner Series and Tamir Triad

  1. Alec
    • Origin:

      Diminutive of Alexander, Greek
    • Meaning:

      "defending men"
    • Description:

      Alec, though an old nickname for Alexander, is much fresher sounding than Alex, with the additional advantage, at least to some parents, of being distinctly male (there are as many girl Alexes these days as there are boys). While Alec has a clipped British image, it's actually one of the classic Greek names for boys, by way of father name Alexander.
  2. Aurenen
    • Beka
      • Idrilain
        • Kassarie
          • Klia
            • Micum
              • Mycena
                • Nysander
                  • Rhiminee
                    • Sarikali
                      • Seregil
                        • Skala
                          • Tobin
                            • Origin:

                              English surname derived from Tobias
                            • Meaning:

                              "God is good"
                            • Description:

                              Tobias-related name that makes an attractive and modern-sounding form of the biblical original. It was recently chosen by Karolina Kurkova for her son.
                          • Tamir
                            • Thero