Alternate Nicknames

Do you like names like Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Michael but dislike the nicknames Becky, Lizzie, and Mike? Here are some alternative nicknames for these common names so you can choose these wonderful names for your child without any hesitation. - Created by hannahgracewilson

  • Annie

    Typically a nickname for Anna, Annalise, Annette, etcetera, Annie could also be a possible nickname for Amanda if Mandy isn't really doing it for you. Could also work for any name ending in -anna, like Brianna, Eliana, Christiana, etc.

  • Ari

    Commonly used as a nickname for Arianna and Ariel, Ari could be a nickname for Charlotte as well if you're not into Charlie, Lottie, or even Lola.

  • Brielle

    Love Gabrielle but hate Gabby? Brielle is a good choice. It also works as a standalone name for parents who want something less common and shorter than Gabrielle.

  • Bex

    Nickname for Rebecca, much better than homespun and dated-sounding Becky.

  • Chrissy

    Love one of the Christina, Christine, Kristen type names but aren't a fan of Tina or Christy? Chrissy, inspired by Chrissy Teigen, is a great alternative. Could be spelled Chrissie or Krissy.

  • Dolly

    Not something I recommend, but could work as a nickname for Gwendolyn. Gwen, Wendy, and Lynn are nicer options however.

  • Esti

    Pronounced ess-tee, this could be a super cute and chic nickname for Estefany, Estefania, or Estelle. Another option could be Estee, ala Estee Lauder. This one is pronounced ess-TAY.

  • Kit

    Like Katherine but hate Kathy, Kate, Katy, or any of the other extensively used Katherine nicknames? Kit is a cute, unique option. Could work for Kaitlyn.

  • Lia

    For any name ending in -lia. Cecelia, Aurelia, and Malia to name a few.

  • Libby

    Underused nickname for Elizabeth. Also works for Liberty.

  • Micki

    A nickname for Marissa, Mackenzie, Michaela and Michayella

  • Manthy

    Nickname for Samantha, cooler than Mandy. Bit of a mouthful.

  • Rebby

    Short for Rebecca. Better than Becky, not so much better than Bex.

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