Teeny Tiny

  1. Amina Joy
    • Athena Joy
      • Clara Marie
        • Cordelia Joy
          • Marilla Ivy
            • Marilla Joy
              • Sabina
                • Origin:

                • Meaning:

                • Description:

                  Sabina is a sleek but neglected name from an ancient Roman tribal name that's well worth consideration. The equally alluring Sabine is heard in France and Germany. Related names include the more popular Sabrina or Serena. All are equally lovely.
              • Samira
                • Origin:

                • Meaning:

                  "companion in evening conversation"
                • Description:

                  Shiny cousin of Samara with an intriguing meaning. Increasingly associated with the charming Samira Wiley, a perennial scene-stealer on "Orange is the New Black" and "The Handmaid's Tale."
              • Seraphina Joy