B Names

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  • Bastian

    "man of Sebastia", diminutive of Sebastian; Latin from Greek

  • Bayne

  • Bell

    "ringer of the bell", English and Scottish occupational name

  • Bellamy

    “fine friend”, English and Irish from French

  • Bellatrix

    "female warrior", Latin

  • Bellerose


  • Blaze

    "one who stutters", Latin

  • Blue

    color name

  • Bo

    “to live”, Norse nickname

  • Bonnie

    “beautiful and cheerful”, Scottish

  • Briallen

    “a primrose”, Welsh

  • Brom

    "meadow where broom grows", English

  • Banning

    "fair, blonde child", Gaelic

  • Bellisant

  • Bivi

    "peace", Origin unknown

  • Bona Dea

    "mythical relation to fanus", Latin

  • Bowie

    "yellow haired", Gaelic

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