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  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: The Un-Weirdly-Named Starbaby Boys

    , just looking at boys born since the Millenium, are some of the timeless classics, in their complete

  • Blog Post: Popular Baby Names: Tops of the un-pops

    of July/belated Mother’s Day celebration all rolled into one?  I’ll admit it: I hung up on my own

  • User List: Un-pretty Girl Names

    Astrid, Beatrix, Blythe, Brighid, Freya, Ingrid, Liesel, Margaux, Margit, Marlo, Edith, Aster

  • Blog Post: What's in an Author Name?

    I needed an “author name” for my novel. When my parents came to the U.S. from Korea in 1953, one

  • Blog Post: Picking an English Name in China

    a high-profile job. An American expatriate in Shanghai saw an opportunity here and decided to

  • Fameberry: Una

    Jason Schwartzman and Brady Cunningham

  • Blog Post: Naming the Names in an Alphabet Book

    as it is pronounced in the Caribbean, with the accent on the second syllable. Alexandra seemed to

  • Blog Post: Popular Baby Names: An overlooked perk in the Digital Age

    this trend is harmful. Why, in an age of digital bullying, Google search, NSA privacy concerns

  • List: Boy Names Uncommon in the US

    Archie, Alfie, Reggie, Albie, Yusuf, Ayaan, Kian, Musa, Abdullah, Ahmed, Yahya, Wilfred, Eesa, Syed, Hamza, Antoni, Kacper, Mustafa, Idris, Marcel, Umar, Hassan, Arjun, Ismail, Rafe, Kit, Aarav, Amir, Bilal, Cian, Bertie, Ewan, Monty, Osian, Olivier, Zayd, Andrei, Cillian, Niall, Lachlan, Alistair, Ilyas, Khalid, Aston, Ralphie, Rogan, Oisin, Fionn, Darragh, Tadhg, Callum, Donnacha, Senan, Eoin, Cathal, Odhran, Eoghan, Daithi, Ciaran, Dara, Ruairi, Cormac, Sem, Bram, Mees, Thijs, Lars, Teun,...

  • List: Girl Names Uncommon in the US

    Imogen, Dija, Harriet, Amelie, Lottie, Orla, Niamh, Fenna, Fleur, Roos, Amandine, Faustine, Lilou, Solene, Cerise, Flavie, Oceane, Sirine, Thais, Kassiani, Victoire, Yara, Saar, Noor, Lieke, Noa, Maud, Milou, Femke, Sanne, Lois, Feline, Elif, Suze, Veerle, Cato, Pip, Fien, Puck, Leonie, Luisa, Leni, Nele, Mathilda, Ida, Frieda, Pia, Marlene, Finja, Merle, Ebba, Wilma, Saga, Astrid, Alva, Linnea, Signe, Ines, Selma, Sigrid, Juni, Elvira, Tyra, Moa, Tuva, Vega, Myfanwy, Candela, Ainhoa, Triana,...

  • Blog Post: Top Names in Scotland: Jack and Sophie rule on

    is also moving up in the US. Some of the other noteworthy names on the rise in Scotland--showing a

  • Blog Post: Local Baby Names: What's in in Indiana?

    pop up in the Top 20 in one place and nowhere else, such as: Adrian—California Aurora—Alaska

  • Blog Post: Babyberry Births in September

    on the forum in September. Amora Felipa Maia, sister of Caetano and Elisa “We were stuck

  • Blog Post: Scottish Baby Names: What’s ‘inin Inverness?

    Looking through the birth announcements in the Scottish newspapers of the last few months-a site

  • Blog Post: Alice in Nameland

    A tribute today to the wonderful writer Alice Munro, winner of the prestigious 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature—and to other notable Alices who share her classic name. We love Alice for its blend of great qualities—she’s sweet and dainty yet strong and substantive, traditional and timeless but still feels young and fresh. Here, some Alices who’ve made a name for themselves. [nggallery id="126" template="nameberry"]

  • Blog Post: Baby Names Hot in the UK, Not in the US

    , Charlotte and William both rank high in the US and the UK. And then there are those baby names that are

  • Blog Post: Ada: Out before it's in???

    . But Ada is still only number 646 on the Social Security list, with just 452 baby girls in all of the

  • Blog Post: Names in the Fifth Dimension

    , I may have the answer. A name that means “five” or “fifth” is a fun tie-in to the child’s place in

  • Blog Post: Names on the Cusp

    based in the UK. Boden is a fresh take on the popular "ends with -en" name and could very well rise up

  • Blog Post: Animal Names in Disguise

    the UK but newly discovered in the US.   This name with a peaceful meaning may also be spelled Calum

  • Blog Post: Nature Names in Disguise

    , “star” Yardley, “fenced meadow” Tomorrow, look for a Nameberry first: An all new blog on

  • List: Girl Names Ending in Lyn

    Westlyn, Brooklyn, Evelyn, Adelyn, Ashlyn, Avalyn, Caitlyn, Carlyn, Carolyn, Ellyn, Emilyn, Emmalyn, Gracelyn, Gwendolyn, Jacklyn, Jailyn, Jaslyn, Jocelyn, Katelyn, Kaylyn, Lakelyn, Madelyn, Marilyn, Newlyn, Oaklyn, Rosalyn, Sheralyn, Westlyn

  • Blog Post: An International Adoption Name Challenge

    growing up in the U.S. My Korean middle name is spelled as Aerie on my birth certificate, but the "r

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Living in Neon

    , looks on the bright side. One year it was plaid. Then it was anything with horizontal stripes

  • Blog Post: New Babyberries Announced in August

    . Little did we know he would actually be born in the month of August. We…loved the NN possibilities that

  • Blog Post: Baby Names in the News

    . Both are safely in the US Top 100, and wearable in many other countries and languages. Looking

  • Blog Post: Irish Names Now: What’s doing in Dublin?

    asked what you’d like to see more of on nameberry, with an eye to accommodating your suggestions

  • Blog Post: Babes in TV Land: Kiddie character names

    characters’ names catch on after expectant parents tune in.  Some of those characters eventually have

  • Blog Post: Swedish Baby Names: What's stylish in Stockholm?

    Guest blogger and Sweden native Sarah--known to us Berries as Svea--  gives us some insight on the

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Mermaids in the Nursery

    ? It's definitely smart to come up with an original theme, or at the very least a color palette, when