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  • List: The Exoticizer

    Alexander, Andrew, Anna, Christopher, Claire, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emily, Fiona, Francis, Gabriella, Grace, Hannah, Isabel, Jane, Julian, Kaylie, Kerry, Laurence, Lucy, Marc, Matthew, Michael, Nicholas, Nina, Paul, Peter, Philippa, Roland, Sara, Sophia, Stephen, Susanna, Sydney, Theodora, Thomas, William, Alessandro, André, Anya, Kristof, Clarissa, Elsbeth, Elena, Amelie, Finula, Francisco, Gabi, Grazia, Janna, Isabella, Johanna, Julio, Kalila, Kerris, Lorenzo, Lucia, Marco, Matthias, Mikhail,...

  • Blog Post: Middle Names: The Strange, The Ordinary, and The Embarrassing

    countries, both men and women often have the middle name "Marie" or "Maria" (among them the famed writer

  • Blog Post: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

    ridiculed by the media and other members of the the Name Police that they pick something much more ordinary

  • Blog Post: Twin Names: The Best and The Worst

    the other hand, you wouldn't want to give your twins names that seemed as if they came from

  • Blog Post: Dutch Names: The current and the classic

    Matt Lauer and his wife welcomed their third child, a son named Thijs, they explained that the name

  • Blog Post: Question of the Week: The Starbaby Effect

    --highly publicized (and judged)  as they are. So today's question of the week is: What name have you

  • Blog Post: Love the name, love the person?

    I met someone named Bea the other night and I knew instantly that I liked her. How could I not

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Names: The Mcs and the Macs

    Most cultures have some word for names meaning ‘son of’—called patronymics-- from the English son

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry 9: Hitting the perfect balance

    , she shortens to Kate/Cate or Cady.  I think that’s just enough versatility to give the name

  • Blog Post: Starbabies 2014: The luscious and the ludicrous

    By Linda Rosenkrantz 2014 was another amazing year for starbaby names, with some of the most

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry Nine: Embracing the Modern

    congratulated the couple, then revealed their secret – The Celebrity Baby Name Generator, issued to

  • Blog Post: Space Names: The Men on the Moon

    mispronunciation of ‘brother’ as ‘buzzer’ and he later made Buzz his legal name.  Buzz has become the

  • Blog Post: The Color of Names

    was no surprise to my mother, then, that the unique name of the clerk – Turquoise – had caught my eye

  • Blog Post: Names of the Future

    are actually using them at the moment, but we predict that in a decade, most will feel more


    It takes at least four generations for names to sound appealing again for babies. The names of

  • Blog Post: The Weirdest Baby Names

    With over 33,000 baby names on the new national roster – a full 50 percent more than were in

  • Blog Post: The Blooming of Lily

    England and Wales were given the name Lily. In 1965, it had sunk to just 10. Then, in 1966 — the year the

  • Blog Post: Introducing the New Nameberry!

    and be impressed and then even more impressed by the work of Joe and his brother Jake, the truth

  • Blog Post: Names on the Cusp

    By Kelli Brady at NameFreak! The 2012 Popular Baby Names list was released in May to a lot of

  • Blog Post: Behind the Namer

    site, explains what he continues to find intriguing about the subject of names

  • Blog Post: The Magic of Maya

    read an early draft of the book, he was concerned about my use of names. They were just “a little

  • Blog Post: Stump the Masters!

    1941 movie called Smiling Through -- Moonyean.  Had we ever heard of the name Moonyean?, she wondered

  • Blog Post: The Big Middle Name

    for very individual reasons: They may be family names or the names of mythical heroes or maybe much

  • Blog Post: Names by the Numbers

    today. Una is the most used out of all of them and would actually be rather stylish for a girl today

  • Blog Post: The Trendiest Dog Names

    America. But some names are trendier than others, though they might not make the list of most popular

  • Blog Post: The Origins of Owen

    me, it meant freedom. And then in my late 30’s, the physical conception, which has been hard to

  • Blog Post: The Baby Namers’ Alphabet

    , Olive, Theo, Marlo. P A letter that rated highly in the midcentury, with names like Patricia

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: The Best, The Worst, The Weirdest and The Wildest of 2011

    with inventions of their own.  Here, the Nameberry Awards for the best, the worst, the weirdest, and

  • Blog Post: The James Gang

    Among the classic boys’ names, James shines out as one of the most enduring, likable and

  • Blog Post: The Latest Starbaby Names

    CaraMichelle's comprehensive rundown. Among the highest profile arrivals were Charlize Theron's