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  • User List: Out-Theres...

    Zinnia, Lyric, Tennyson

  • Blog Post: Name Themes: Pro or con?

    , about name themes: Did you theme your kids names—by first letter, meaning, style? If so, would

  • Blog Post: Is there only one Romeo?

    In our first book Beyond Jennifer & Jason, we talked about One-Person Names -- appellations like Elvis (at that time) and Oprah and Aretha that were tied inextricably to one person. The same phenomenon applies to some names from pop culture, though these can change over time.  Juliet has definitely transcended its Shakespearean associations, though is Romeo still rooted to the tragic stage?  What about Clementine, which for decades would inspire a chorus of "Oh My Darlin'" but now may...

  • Blog Post: Long Name or Short Name? There's No In Between

    By Abby Sandel, Appellation Mountain For every Seraphina, there’s a Jax. A glance at the US

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Fever: Is There A Cure?

    off the computer? I'm hungry." "I'll be right there." "You said that 3 hours ago!" I've

  • Blog Post: Baby Names From Ordinary to Out-There

    Khaleesi and Cassius decide that there’s nothing wrong with a traditional Number 1 name like Emma

  • Blog Post: Are There Pokemon Names You Can Actually Use?

    19 on Team Mystic, and I'm not sure where I found the time. There are a few hundred Pokémon types

  • Blog Post: Aussie Names: Big there, not here

    In her guest blog, Anna Otto, of the popular site Waltzing More Than Matilda, introduces names particular to the land of Oz, explains their origins  and tells us why we might consider importing them. Australia and the United States share many popular names and name trends, but here are some examples familiar to us that have never made the US Top 1000. A few are popular in Australia, several are fashionable, rising in popularity, or well-used, and a couple are notable for becoming the...

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry 9: There's more than one Number 1

    , daughter of Top Chef contestant Tania Peterson, has made both Best and Worst lists?) Then there are the

  • Blog Post: Unique Baby Names: Is there such a thing??

    This blog is adapted from our most recent book, Beyond Ava & Aiden: The Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby When people look for baby names online, they often put in a search for “unique names.” Some of them are trying to find names that are unusual and distinctive, but some really do want to give their child a name that’s truly one-of-a-kind, something that nobody else has. A recent newspaper story claimed that one of the reasons for this is because modern parents want their...

  • Blog Post: Popular Baby Names 2009: From here, there and everywhere

    in Iowa where Olivia was #1, there were also girls named Alivia, Alivya, Oliviah and Alyvia--as well

  • Blog Post: Irish Baby Names: Top Choices Here and There

    here by immigrants from the middle of the nineteenth century through the present day. There have

  • Blog Post: Is There Still Such a Thing as a "Sissy" Name?

    he did call his next one Huckleberry). There's a whole group of names like this that used to be

  • Blog Post: Most Popular Scottish Baby Names Here and There

    Scottish spelling – Ruaridh – also appears in the Scottish Top 100. All in all, there’s very little

  • Blog Post: Name Popularity List: Two new Latin names and how they got there

    By Nephele Now that the Social Security Administration has released its annual baby names listings beyond the top 1,000 (including all names that had at least five occurrences in any given year), names researchers can better track the influence of popular culture on our names. For example, a girl's name appearing in 2009 for the first time on the SSA lists is "Greidys" – with an astonishing count of 186 baby girls having been given that name in 2009.  Its variants "Greydis" and "Greidy"...

  • Blog Post: Y So Few Y Names?: There may be more than you think

    healing powers. There's a folkloric belief that if you put some yarrow under your pillow, you’ll

  • User List: hi there

  • Fameberry: Gabriella Therese Marie (Twin)

    Princess Charlene & Prince Albert of Monaco

  • User List: There's Only One...

    Elvis, Adolph, Luigi, Lucifer, Madonna, Jesus, Beyonce, Oprah, Pink, Rihanna

  • User List: Out There Names

    Bristol, Crimson, December, Easter, Echo, Fable, Golden, Indigo, Ireland, London, Lyric, Merry, Midnight, Noble, Nova, November, Orion, Poet, Prairie, Rain, River, Scorpio, Scotland, September, Snow, Solace, Sonnet, Storm, Story, Tempest, Velvet, Wednesday, Winter, Calyx, Defiance, Valiant, Solstice, Skylark, Nebula, Nightingale, Petrichor, Lazuli, Madrigal, Kismet, Caradoc, Gulliver, Haven, Alwin

  • User List: Out-There Favourites

    Artemis, Saoirse, Severine, Juno, Reverie, Magenta, Zillah, Fable, Scout, Allegra, Tavi, River, Soren, Asa, Caspian

  • User List: the real ones out there

    Anastazja, Esmeralda, Konrad, Page, Zosia

  • User List: Out-there Names I Love

    Magnolia, Adair, Scout, Fletcher, Roscoe, Acadia, Ophelia, Atticus, Holden, Edith, Quentin, Leopold, Abel, Arthur, Cormac, Quintana, Quincy, Winifred, Violetta, Auden, Heathcliff, Leonora, Henrietta, Ephraim, Samson, Ramona, Alistair, Beatrice, Lola, Kerouac, Absalom, Zenobia, Zinnia, Ottilie, Etienne, Elodie, Ezra

  • User List: just throwing these out there...

    Beverly, Eleanora, Lee, Tycho

  • User List: Yayyy girls names hey there

  • User List: There Can Be Only One

    Poseidon, Zeus, Lucifer, Aphrodite, Cleopatra, Mozart, Xena, Oprah, Aretha, Beyonce, Cher, Denzel, Madonna, Shakira, Joplin, Hendrix, Wyclef, Elvis, Gatsby, Poe, Sigourney, Judas, Evita, Jezebel, Arwen, Katniss, Crockett, Pocahontas, Nero, Lazarus, Romeo, Cupid, Adonis, Amadeus, Viggo, Darwin, Edsel, Conan, Ivanhoe, Efron, Adolf, Zeppelin, Loki, Mowgli, Aaliyah, Isis, Kal-El, Bronte, Mercedes, Homer, Garbo, Porthos, Enya, Faust, Lennon, Montague, Moses, Boudicca, Socrates, Thor, Gulliver,...

  • User List: Slightly out there boys names

    Adair, Adrian, Arden, Arthur, Asher, Aspen, Azriel, Blair, Cassian, Castiel, Charlie, Dalton, Darcy, Dashiell, Dorian, Dushan, Dustin, Elijah, Evander, Ezra, Faolan, Finlay, Finn, Flynn, Fox, Hamish, Harlan, Harrison, James, Leander, Leopold, Luca, Lucas, Lysander, Macarthur, Marius, Merlin, Micah, Mordecai, Oliver, Percie, Percy, Remus, Rhett, Roarke, Sawyer, Sebastian, Seth, Sirius, Soren, Wyatt, Étienne, Theodore, Caspian

  • User List: If There Were a Sister

    Allegra, Alma, Amata, Antonia, Arden, Ardent, Camille, Chiara, Claudine, Concetta, Cressida, Elaine, Elodie, Emilia, Estelle, Gianna, Hadley, Harriet, Iris, Kiera, Leona, Leonie, Mafalda, Magdalena, Marcella, Marigold, Massima, Maude, Michelle, Mina, Naomi, Noemi, Nora, Parker, Paulina, Raffaella, Renee, Samira, Saskia, Savina, Sawyer, Selina, Serafina, Seren, Stella, Sunshine, Talia, Tamsin, Theona, Ysabel, Zinnia, Zora, Frieda

  • User List: Favourite Names That Will Always Be There

  • User List: heres some names that i like '17

    Saylor, Kenna, Lyla, Adair, Sabryn, Yarden, Aphra, Kaia, Haven, Wren, Alder, Aryan, Alijah, Amalia, Calah, Isaias, Rena