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  • Blog Post: Girl Baby Names: Plain and fancy, from Arya to Tess to Zetta

    a logical next choice. Tess – Meanwhile, the first quarter data for the Netherlands indicates

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  • Forums: Nell and Tess- too similar?

  • Blog Post: Test-Driving your Baby Name

    By Esmeralda Rocha When picking a name, it can be hard to find opportunities to test the name in

  • Blog Post: Gender Prediction Tests: Facts and fictions

    . These range from simple signs to kind of (or more than kind of) kooky tests. There’s the taste test

  • Blog Post: Baby Names LESS Popular Than They Seem

    Number 9. But what about those baby names that are LESS popular than they seem judging by the

  • Blog Post: Car Names: Test Drive These For Your Baby

    Guest blogger ERIN FREEMAN finds baby-naming inspiration on the used car lot. Two weeks ago I had my first experience shopping for a car. While in high school, I had been given a 1992 Dodge Dynasty by an uncle, and after I graduated and was pregnant with my oldest son, my grandparents gave me their 1995 Ford Taurus. My Taurus finally gave out on me two weeks ago, so my father, my husband and I set out to find me a car. While walking around the used car lot, it struck me just how unique...

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: A Sister for Ellie, Tessa, and Drew

    on a name. We already have three children: Eleanor Casey, called Ellie, and then twins, Tessa

  • Blog Post: Creative Baby Names: The Nameberry 9, from Ruby Rey to Tessa Tangerine

    . Tessa Tangerine – Theresa is at an all-time low, but Tessa is having a good run.  Tessa Tangerine

  • Blog Post: British Name Trends 2013:The Bees, the Evs and the Teds

    By Eleanor Nickerson, British Baby Names 2013 has been an interesting year for British appellations. As it comes to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the most prevalent trends and influences on baby names in Britain this year. LITTLE BEES One syllable ‘B’ names have been particularly noticeable this year. Beau/Bo and Bay have proven to be popular unisex choices while vintage Bea is also seeing a revival as both a nickname for rising Beatrice and Beatrix and a stand-alone...

  • Blog Post: Top Boys' Names: One Mom Puts Her Picks To The Test

    many Edwards in his world? Sometimes my husband test drives this one by saying “Edward” very sternly

  • Fameberry: Bowie Juniper

    Tess and Nick Holliday

  • Fameberry: Gable Ness

    Kevin Nealon

  • List: Dutch Baby Names for Girls

    Jade, Noa, Tess, Danique, Britt, Cornelia, Isis, Isa, Gwen, Famke, Liv, Malou, Luna, Aya, Doutzen

  • User List: Girls

    Celeste, Eloise, Mallory, Meredith, Jocelyn, Tess, Paige, Camille, Rachel, Summer

  • User List: girls names

    Florence, Florrie, Jemima, Juno, Libby, Marlow, Mimi, Nico, Tess, Zanna

  • List: Short & Strong Girl Names

    Kate, Dane, Zea, Asa, Alex, Tess, Petra, Claire, Bree, Greer, Maeve, Quinn, Tamar, Eve, Bryn, Jade, Chan, Ara, Zoe, Kit, Lara, Joan, Anne, Nina, Rae, Ida

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: Naming Kiddo #4

    choice. It’s less common than many names, but fits your style. Tess Ruby is a possibility, as is

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Annabelle, Beatrix, Cordelia, Cora, Eliza, Emmeline, Felicity, Genevieve, Georgia, Juliet, Louisa, Matilda, Rose, Susannah, Tess, Violet

  • User List: Korven's Picks · Girls

    Caitlin, Ciara, Niamh, Guinevere, Lilia, Liliana, Tess, Maya, Savannah, Mya, Octavia, Stephenie

  • User List: Girls

    Addison, Adelaide, Alaska, Blair, Darcy, Harper, Hazel, Hermione, Jane, Karissa, Lacey, Lux, Maisie, Margo, Tegan, Tess, Thalia

  • List: Nicknames for Elizabeth

    , Bette, Elsie, Elsa, Elize, Zibby, Lettie, Lea, Zea, Buffy, Ilsa, Bet, Bizzy, Liesl, Zizi, Bee, Izzy, Etta, Ellie, Tess

  • List: Cool Vintage Baby Names

    , Iris, Oscar, Hazel, Tess, August, Emmett, Silas, Theo, Roman, Ida, Asa, Frederick, Eloise, Harry

  • List: Romantic Baby Names for Girls

    , Emma, Juliet, Lara, Lucinda, Rose, Roxanne, Sabrina, Scarlett, Sophie, Tess, Vivian, Bryna, Chloe

  • List: Nicknames for Girls

    , Tay, Tessie, Tillie, Vinnie, Vivi, Poppy, Nell, Penny, Tess

  • User List: Feminine Girls Names

    Alexandra, Anna, Audrey, Aurelia, Cara, Chloe, Clara, Cressida, Elizabeth, Emily, Fern, Leah, Mara, Olympia, Tess, Victoria, Violet

  • List: Baby Girl Names to Love Right Now

    , Delilah, Louise, Valentine, Susannah, Faye, Sloane, Tess, Nell, Elodie, Eleanor, Hazel, Helena, Ione, Jane

  • User List: 2010 Likes

    Aurelia, Clara, Calvin, Elliot, Elodie, Otto, Tess, Finlay, Otis, Paloma, Noel, Eulalie, Lark, Fern

  • User List: Girls Names

    , Sabine, Tallulah, Tess, Theodora, Verity, Zelda, Zinnia, Rose, Josephine, Flannery