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  • List: Names That Mean Scotland

  • Blog Post: Top Names in Scotland: Jack and Sophie rule on

    is also moving up in the US. Some of the other noteworthy names on the rise in Scotland--showing a

  • Blog Post: Celtic Choices: New baby announcements from Ireland and Scotland

    By Linda Rosenkrantz I must admit that I’m addicted to birth announcements.  Not just to our own babyberries’—which are, of course, the best--but to any others I can lay my eyes on.  I love the British choices that Elea posts regularly on, and also try to follow, among others,  those in the Irish and Scottish newspapers. Here are some entries that I’ve come across there recently, along with some particularly tasty sibling names that have been included--making a nice...

  • Blog Post: Celtic Baby Names: Newbie news from Ireland and Scotland

    When it comes to Celtic baby names, it’s easy enough to research the history of Irish and Scottish names, and also to check out the most popular names of the year.  But what names are parents in those countries using for their kids right now?  How many of the names have brogues and burrs and how many would as easily be found on announcements in the US and UK.?  Are there any fabulous first/middle combos that we’d be surprised to see on our local birth cerificates? I’ve been scouring some...

  • Blog Post: 2013 Baby Name Popularity: Latest reports from Scotland and more

    so far. Scotland The most complete story to have come in is from Scotland, where the top

  • Fameberry: Penelope Scotland

    Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick

  • User List: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

    Sean, Saoirse, Siobhan, Kathleen, Niamh, Maeve, Finn, Cai, Mckenna, Yvaine, Adair, Blaire, Davina, Fiona, Rowena, Evanna, Morgan, Blake, Brooke, Brooklyn, Arrietty, Piper, Rae, Sadie, Alfred, Connor, Grayson

  • User List: Names associated with Scotland

    Alba, Arran, Bonnie, Bruce, Caelan, Dougal, Eilidh, Evander, Glen, Graeme, Hamish, Jura, Keir, Kelso, Kerr, Leith, Lewis, Lochlan, Logan, Ruaridh, Skye, Caledonia, Nevis, Nairn, Thistle, Gregor, Cairn, Lennox, Greer, Kenna, Lachlan, Ossian

  • User List: City Names - Scotland and Ireland

    Aberdeen, Bray, Cashel, Cork, Derry, Dublin, Dundee, Elgin, Ennis, Galway, Glasgow, Irvine, Leith, Limerick, Livingston, Moira, Nairn, Paisley, Perth, Shannon, Stirling

  • User List: Ireland, Scotland, and Wales - Girls

    Eilidh, Isla, Aislinn, Aoife, Áine, Niamh, Saoirse, Eowyn, Isolde, Kiele, Iselin, Maire, Arwen, Seren, Ishbel, Roisin

  • User List: Unique Names

    Scotland, Elianna, Lev, Rosie, Linden

  • User List: Name Obsessions

    Asher, Fox, Nori, Sienna, Zia, Scotland, Forrest, Talon, Lavendar, Stellan, Wilder, Toran

  • User List: Autumn 2014 Girl

    Emery, Scotland, Paisley, Avery, Autumn, Quinn, Willow, Nova, Marley, Isla, Ivy, Iris, Aylin, Reece

  • User List: Girl Names I Love

    Cassidy, Aurelia, Astrid, Arabella, Sophie, Molly, Beatrice, Darcy, Stella, Ireland, Scotland, Olive, Eloise, Freya

  • User List: Names I dislike

    Waverly, Willa, Addison, Scotland, Renesmee, Rafferty, Mackenzie, Peter, Psyche, Angus, Jermajesty, Romilly

  • User List: My Favorite Place Names

    , Verona, Vienna, Ravenna, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, India

  • User List: Stories - Girls

    , Satyana, Sanaa, Scotland, Saoirse, Waverly, Aster, Colby, Everly

  • User List: Place names

    , Berlin, Scotland, Glasgow, Arizona, Cairo, Asia, Africa, Boston, Florence, Kenya, Holland, Geneva, Lars

  • List: Place Names for Babies

    , Olympia, Paris, Persia, Phoenix, Raleigh, Reno, Rio, Sahara, Salem, Samara, Savannah, Scotland

  • Blog Post: Scottish Names the Scottish Love

    By Eleanor Nickerson Beautiful Scotland has given the world a wealth of wonderful baby names

  • User List: The 2015s

    , Jemima, Joy, Lila, Marie, Marin, Nolan, Scotland, Serafina, Serena, Zaden, Isabella

  • User List: Cool But Unique Names

    Maude, Hollis, Harper, Scottie, India, Scotland, Zara, Oakley, Arden, Armani, Blakely, Cambrie

  • Blog Post: Strictly Scottish Names: Innis, Jura & Jock

    can also celebrate because Scotland has already released its provisional Top 100 for 2015 - we can

  • Blog Post: Scottish Baby Names: What's hot with the Scots

    Scotland. So what is hot for the Scots? Curiously, media influences and celebrity are quick to

  • User List: Names I love!

    , Bentley, River, Meadow, Ember, Emmett, Easton, Isla, Kaidence, Rye, Gage, Morocco, Scotland, Berkley

  • User List: Fave Girls Names

    , Isolde, Iseult, Marguerite, Ireland, Luna, Mathilde, Posy, Raphaelle, Scotland, Elsie, Rose, Amelie, Hermione, Violette, Primrose, Clemence, Vianne

  • User List: Girl Names

    , Snow, Aura, Zorina, Spirit, Haven, Harmony, Clarity, Gypsy, Shiloh, Luna, Fern, Violet, Scotland, Ireland

  • List: Scottish Names for Girls

    , Ronalda, Rowan, Roan, Roy, Ruthven, Scotland, Skye, Tammy, Tamlane, Vevina, Willamina, Wylie

  • Blog Post: Scottish Baby Names: Happy St. Andrew's Day!

    By Katinka Latha Naomh Anndra sona dhuibh! or Happy St Andrew’s Day! Tomorrow, Scotland

  • Blog Post: English River Names: Flow gently sweet Afton and Avon

    Shannon, some flowing across national borders, from England to Scotland or Wales, while others are much