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    For this week's Nameberry Nine, columnist Abby Sandel of Appellation Mountain talks about the

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    has since found more positive associations and reasons to love the name. Camden – How many little

  • Blog Post: Middle Names, Nine Different Ways

    in the news illustrate nine approaches to choosing your child’s middle name. If you’re stumped

  • User List: mine

    Coraline, Alice, Briony, Ivy, Scarlet, Violet, Aurora, Eve, Zella, Coralie, Elora, Lotus, Lyra, Aria, Bridget, Sonora, Belle, Ember, Everly, Noelani, Adora, Samara, Sakura, Breeze, Bohemia, Fable

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    For The Nameberry Nine this week, Abby Sandel of Appellation Mountain looks at Superbowl names, the

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    This week, in her Nameberry Nine round-up of the latest newsy names, Abby Sandel, of Appellation

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    are the most popular names on our site. They’re also ahead of the trends, ranking fifty spots

  • Blog Post: On the Lighter Side: Sibsets to Avoid

    By Laura Miller Brennan Have you ever met an awkwardly named pair of siblings? A brother-sister duo named Clyde and Bonnie—or worse--Harold and Maude? It’s an inevitable part of naming your first child: some names for future siblings immediately become off-limits. Most of these are perfectly good on their own but combine with certain others for an unintentionally comic (or tragic) effect. Here’s a lighthearted look at some impressively bad sibling sets. Ace and Deuce Anniston and...

  • List: Names That Mean Line

  • List: Names That Mean Mine

  • List: Names That Mean Shine

  • List: Names That Mean Sinew

  • List: Names That Mean Pine

  • List: Names That Mean Fine

  • List: Names That Mean Side

  • List: Names That Mean Sing

  • Blog Post: Gender-Neutral Names: The line continues to blur

    , it often turns out that the line is blurry, or even non-existent, for many a name. This week’s top

  • Blog Post: Forbidden Baby Names: Where to draw the line?

    . It’s a tough line to draw.  Some names are fine until they’re paired with a specific surname, like

  • Blog Post: Celestial Baby Names: Star names that twinkle and shine

    name from astronomer William Herschel's description of it as “a very fine deep garnet colour.” A red

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry Nine: Embracing the Modern

    Nameberry Nine columnist Abby Sandel of Appellation Mountain trolls the web this week in search of

  • User List: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Jake, Jacob, Ray, Charles, Doug, Adrian, Gina, Amy, Rosa, Stephanie, Melissa, Chelsea, Kevin, Andy, Terry

  • Blog Post: Boys' and Girls' Names--and the size of their sounds

    , males are larger than females. Further, larger size comes with all sorts of benefits in males. For

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: Nine Out-of-this-World Choices

    other kids with the same name. Here are nine celestial baby names chosen by celebrity parents for

  • Blog Post: The Clementine Clique: Trendy names ending in 'ine'


  • User List: Fine Ladies

    Ariadne, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Mirabella, Raffaela, Wilhelmina, Leonora, Laetitia, Lavinia, Cipriana, Araminta, Cressida, Phyllida, Philippa, Christiana, Euphemia, Eulalia, Apollonia, Sophronia, Eugenia, Theodosia, Lucida, Augusta, Arabella, Lucretia, Gratiana, Amarantha, Vevina, Calliope, Clorinda, Dorinda, Philomela, Ianthe, Fiammetta, Lucasta, Cerelia, Pelagia, Winifred, Bettina, Eleanora, Forsythia, Aurelia, Lovisa, Marina

  • Blog Post: Nine Rising Word Names: Fox, Clover and Stone

    By Abby Sandel We’ve always loved word names. Just ask the Pilgrim parents who chose Faith and Hope, the early twentieth century Opals and Earls, or the children of the 80s named Amber and Crystal. Word names have boomed in the 21st century. Some are revived from the past – welcome back, Ruby and Jasper. Others have some history of use but have never enjoyed so much popularity. Even more word names feel brand new. Over the last week, word names were in the air. The WWE’s Brie Bella...

  • User List: fine gentlemen >..<

    Kirill, Maverick, Corbin, Cassius, Mordecai, Vesper, Peregrine, Nicodemus, Hector, Emerson, Titus, Auberon, Perseus, Silvan, Caspian, Tristan, Atticus, Ulysses, Robin, Flavian, Emanuel, Aspen, Marius, Tiberius, Otis, Oscar, Hugo, Felix, Frederic, Magnus, Lucius, Tudor, Jude, Pascal, Monroe, Atlas, Aramis, Montgomery, Bastien, Cordovan, Edgar, Emil, Marceau, Fabian, Fox, Theodore, Spencer, Arjan, Leo, Amory

  • User List: Mine Minee

  • User List: Feeling Fine

    Levon, Peter, Joshua, Dylan, Charlie, Jack, Ethan, Ray, Adam, Beckett, James, Henry, Huck, Wyatt, Wilder, Arlo, Asa, Noah, Beau, Miles, William, Joseph, Jude, Levi, Oliver, Elio, Ambrose, Jesse, Marlon, Calder, Hayes, Rory, Hart, Ansel, Wes, Boyd, Emory, Callum

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry Nine: The week's newsiest names from Athena to Ysabeau

    For her Nameberry Nine this week, Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel  combs the celebrity pages in