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  • Blog Post: Old People Names

    Old people names – or rather #oldpeoplenames – has been this week’s hottest Twitter craze, with

  • Fameberry: Eli

    Rachel Dratch

  • Blog Post: Old School Nicknames

    Vintage names have been cool for a while now, but old school nicknames are just starting to come

  • Blog Post: Movie Marquee Names: Eli, Ella and Evan

    . Cyrus Eli Evan Fred – Vince Vaughn played the less successful of the Claus brothers in the

  • Blog Post: 15 Old-but-New Names for Boys

    in search of a boys' name that's both old-fashioned and fresh-feeling may have to search long and

  • Blog Post: Rescuing Names from Old Stereotypes

    others with kiddie references: ELOISE-- Long associated with the imperious little 6-year-old who ruled

  • Blog Post: New Routes to Old Nicknames

    OK, here's a thought. Suppose you find yourself beginning to really like some of those classic mid-century nicknames like the ones you've been hearing on shows like Mad Men and in movies like Revolutionary Road, but you don't really care for the names they've been traditionally attached to. Some of them mght be too Grandma or pa, some of them overused in the recent past. As in 'Don? Maybe. Donald? No, thanks.' So what we've done here is put together a list of some possible, more contemporary...

  • Blog Post: Star Wars Characters, Old and New

    . Just don’t fall for his mind tricks. Obi: Obi-Wan may be a little much for a child’s first name

  • Blog Post: New Old Names for the New Year

    were the new old names to watch. Now that they’re near the top of the charts, another set of

  • Blog Post: New Names that Sound Old: Eden, Paisley, Romilly

    historic origins are new names that sound... well... old. Here are some examples: Auden - is

  • Blog Post: These Old-Fashioned Names Are Hot Hot Hot!

    one of the old-fashioned formerly-dowdy baby names here -- you're very very in.  Just a few years

  • Blog Post: How To Update Old Nickname Names

    In 1963, there were 23,900 baby girls named Lori, the same year that there were 21,191 little Tammys and 11,000 Cindys, not to mention all the Mindys, Mandys, Marcys, and Marnies with the then modern-sounding nicknamey, quasi-unisex, names popular from the mid-fifties and into the next couple of decades. So is it any wonder that so many of today’s parents have moms and sometimes grandmothers with these vintage nickname names? But as much as we love those family members, and would like...

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Picks: 12 Best Old Lady Names

    Old lady names are wonderful because they're both classic and quirky, timeless yet intriguing

  • Blog Post: Naming Baby After an Old Boyfriend

    weren't supposed to name a baby after an old boyfriend.  But she couldn't resist. My first two

  • Blog Post: Does This Name Make Me Look Old?

    as a Senior Director for Nonprofits and Healthcare. She is mother of sons Elijah (Eli) and Saul, often misspelled as Ely and Sal.

  • Blog Post: April Babyberries: Olin, Juniper and Effie

    of twins Theodore Patrick and Gideon Christopher Elijah “Eli” James, brother of Xavier Peter

  • Blog Post: Vintage Girls' Names: How To Find A Cool Old Name

    Do you want a vintage name for your daughter but are hoping to uncover a hidden treasure from the past?  We combed the popularity lists in search of cool vintage names you may not have heard before. We’ve written a lot about the names of 1910 that are coming back, thanks to the Hundred Year Rule: Alice and Florence, Lillian and Hazel and Ruby. But what about the names in the Top 1000 of 1910 that are virtually unknown now? A hundred years ago, Helen was the number 2 name for girls,...

  • Blog Post: Vintage Boys’ Names: How To Find A Cool Old Name

    hero names, surname-names, nickname-names, androgynous names, and even regular old first names that

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: Vintage trendsetters from Old Hollywood

    This week, Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel flashes back to the Golden Age of Hollywood to look at some cool  celebrity baby names of the past. Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied have yet to officially release the name of their newborn son.  Could it be a new trend with celebrity baby names?  Fellow celeb parents Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem never announced their son’s name, and neither did Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, though in both cases, the...

  • Blog Post: Notable Names for January: Zora, Edith and Eli

    more common than most parents think. Eli--January-born Eli Manning's full name is actually Elisha

  • Blog Post: Colonial Names: Great New Old Choices

    -- Interesting to see that Deborah had spelling variations 300 years ago. Delia -- An old-fashioned name

  • Blog Post: Old Man Names: Crusty or Cool?

    Old Man Names are the new Old Lady Names. They're the next frontier of vintage names, we mean

  • Blog Post: Girl Baby Names: Something Old, Something New

    awkwardly - see Drew and Brittany Brees’ Rylen Judith.) My favorite something-old, something-new name of the

  • Blog Post: Old Testament Baby Names: On choosing Job

    think of the old saying: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The

  • List: Old Lady Names

    Ada, Adelaide, Adelia, Adeline, Agatha, Agnes, Alberta, Alma, Anastasia, Antonia, Augusta, Beatrice, Blanche, Celia, Clara, Constance, Cora, Cordelia, Cornelia, Dora, Dorothea, Edith, Elsa, Elsie, Esther, Etta, Eudora, Eugenia, Evelyn, Fay, Flora, Florence, Frances, Frederica, Geraldine, Harriet, Hazel, Helen, Henrietta, Hermione, Ida, Imogen, Iris, Ivy, Josephine, Kay, Lavinia, Leonora, Letitia, Lucasta, Lucinda, Lucretia, Mabel, Mamie, Martha, Matilda, Maude, May, Millicent, Minerva,...

  • List: Old Man Names

    Seymour, Sidney, Gus, Arthur, Edmund, Edwin, Walter, Victor, Mortimer, Milton, Murray, Theodore, Barney, Harvey, Harry, Frank, Frederick, Ralph, Calvin, Wilbur, Alfred, Julius, Eugene, Louis, Raymond, Martin, Monty, Stanley, Humphrey, Gilbert, Howard, Harold, Wallace, Wilfred, Albert, Leonard, Desmond

  • List: Old People Names

    Marvin, Murray, Irving, Betty, Bertha, Bernie, Pearl, Gladys, Helen, Herbert, Harold, Howard, Myrtle, Ethel, Seymour, Irma, Rhoda, Norma, Norman, Loretta, Joan, Hilda, Hortense, Alfred, Eugene, Donald, Earl, Thelma, Velma, Vern

  • List: Old-Fashioned Baby Names

    Beatrice, Alice, Edith, Eleanor, Matilda, Maude, Sebastian, Jasper, Josiah, Henry, Adelaide, Eliza, Louise, Lydia, Arthur, Theo, August, Mercy, Leopold, Olive, Sophia, Isabel, Isaac, Julian, Catherine, Clara, Lucinda, George, Albert, Frederick, Walter, Philip, Hazel, Phineas, Dorothea, Anna, Emma, Minnie, Ida, Ella, Florence, Cora, Louis, Martin, Samuel, Clarence, Ernest, Oscar, Edgar, Ralph, Homer, Howard, Virgil, Amos, Calvin, Chester, Levi, Nathaniel, Abraham, Elijah, Norman, Harriet,...

  • Blog Post: Classic Baby Names: New twists on old standards

    only does it read Mila, but the name of the assigned nurse is there, too.  It’s Yael, an Old

  • Fameberry: Eli Christopher

    Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery