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  • Blog Post: Happy National Joe Day!

    . And why notJoe is one of the friendliest, most down-to-earth, and (in our opinion) most appealing

  • Blog Post: Great Christmas Names Beyond Noel and Natalie

    obvious route with Noel and Noelle, Mary or Merry, or you could consider a more subtle reference. Here

  • Blog Post: Christmas Names: Beyond Nicholas and Noel

    somehow into their name. There’s a lot more to holiday baby naming than Nicholas and Noel. Here are a few

  • Blog Post: Israeli Baby Names: Noa, Noam and Tamar

    - Ethan, Noah, Abigail, Sarah - so why not check out some more modern Hebrew choices? Because Israel

  • Blog Post: 20 Non-Kardashian Armenian Names

    strictly male name. One famous historical namesake is Arda of Armenia, Queen of Jerusalem. Lusine

  • List: Names That Mean Doe

  • List: Names That Mean Now

  • Blog Post: Lucky Baby Names: The Luck of the (Non) Irish

    Irish for the day, you may not feel that you have a little Siobhan or Seamus in your future. So

  • List: Names That Mean Nose

  • List: Names That Mean Roe

  • User List: Nom nom!

    Avery, Pascale, Isaura, Ianthe, Callia, Idra, Ilsa, Pelagia, Pilar, Romia, Zelie, Nordica, Zelia, Easton, Rio, Lotus, Hattie, Anouk, Remy, Monroe, Kato, Hugo, Amadeo, Magnus, Pelagius, Perseus, Octavius, Pacificus, Pacific, Sirius, Fabius, August, Arlo, Ulisse, Remo, Gideone, Ettore, Piero, Lucero, Arrigo, Cesare, Tilo, Sidro, Nelo, Galo, Efrain, Inigo, Ephraim, Alaska, Clancy, Milan, Milano, Irving, West, Ravenna, Cadwallader, Cipriana, Azarius, Floretta, Eladio, Adelicia, Forsythia,...

  • Blog Post: Trendy Baby Names: And why not?

    that they can’t use Harper now that the Beckhams have bestowed it on a daughter. Suggest that you

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Inspiration: Naia, Noa, and Jett

    for 2012 have just been released.  (No, that’s not a typo – their data is a little behind!)  Noa was

  • Blog Post: Color Names for Boys: Why not?

    for boys. (Pink ranked No. 310 in 1880, above Ruben or Douglas.) Believe it or not, Pink is

  • Blog Post: 30 Great Names You're Not Using!

    By Linda Rosenkrantz Let’s say your name is Jen or Mike and you grew up not so happily sharing

  • List: Number One Baby Names

    Jacob, Isabella, Michael, John, Mary, Linda, Emily, Emma, Jennifer, Jessica, Ashley, Lisa, Robert, James, David, Sophia, Liam, Noah

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry 9: From Noah to Sabbath, normal to neo

    an easy one to like, too.  Country crooner Joy Williams and her husband Nate Yetton chose the preppy

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: A Brother for Noa and Talia

    daughters - Noa who is 10 and Talia who is 7. We live in Toronto, Canada. I'm Israeli and my husband

  • Blog Post: Not Your Mother's Baby Names

    There's an entire generation of new baby names that are moving rapidly up the popularity list and that distinguish themselves by being recently minted--and by the fact that grandparents do a double take the first time they hear them. For even if they existed as surnames or place names or occupations, they've rarely been used before as first names.  Many of these new baby names are morphed versions of names that were used in another form earlier, while others have been spun from thin...

  • Blog Post: Not Your Mother's Baby Names

    that saw the birth of many now grandparent-aged people -- have become stylish, even popular. So

  • Blog Post: Not Your Mama's Baby Name!

    babyberry announcements. Now writer Dawn O’Porter and actor Chris O’Dowd have welcomed a son called

  • Blog Post: Baby Names Hot in the UK, Not in the US

    not appear at all in the American Top 1000.  (Note: We did skip spelling variations such as Hollie

  • Blog Post: The family name you're NOT going to pass down...

    Weird Uncle Sebastian.  Nice name, but not exactly the kind of guy we want our baby to emulate

  • User List: Baby No2

    Teagan, Page, Waverly, Clover, Pearl, Odessa, Freya, Liliana

  • List: Names That Mean No

  • Blog Post: Unisex Names: What's Hot, What's Not

    Which unisex names are getting more feminine and which more masculine? And which are rising and falling for both sexes? Here, the ups and downs of the most popular gender neutral names: UNISEX NAMES GETTING MORE FEMININE ADDISON ALEXIS ARIEL BAILEY EMERSON HARPER JORDYN LONDON MARLEY PAYTON REAGAN REESE RILEY (though still strong for boys) SKYLAR TAYLOR TEAGAN UNISEX NAMES BECOMING MORE MALE ANGEL CAMERON CHARLIE DYLAN HAYDEN (though the gender gap is...

  • Blog Post: Jennifer Garner Baby Name: Vote Now!

    actual name. The first person who hits it on the nose (assuming there's more than one) will get an

  • Blog Post: Irish Baby Names: What's Hot Now

    cognate) -- are Irish; only one of the girls' names -- Aoife at Number 10 -- is a native choice

  • Blog Post: Neil Gaiman Names: It's not just Coraline

    Hempstock was killed and buried as a witch and so was given no headstone.  Bod sets out to get one for

  • Blog Post: Biblical Baby Names: Why Noah now?

    It seems that just about every few decades since the 1940’s, one Old Testament patriarch name has