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  • Blog Post: How Hating My Name Made Me a Better Namer

    names have to speak to me in some ineffable way—each new name is like a poem to my ears and I have

  • Blog Post: How My Catholic Girlhood Made Me A Name Nerd

    stories to tell, which we'd love to hear! -- I trace a large part of my fascination with names to

  • Blog Post: "Whoa, is that me??"

    [embed][/embed] "Whoa, is that me??" That seems to be what this

  • Blog Post: My Name is Gay

    , (though admittedly, as a “tween” it didn’t take that much to embarrass me). Certainly by my early

  • User List: AJ

    Cyrus, Hiram, Seth, Gabriel, Steven, Spencer, Timothy

  • User List: LJ

    Jacob, Jordan, Calvin, Elias

  • Blog Post: Meet My Baby Buster and My Dog Daisy

    Lindsay Lohan and Lauren Conrad).  Hey, wait a minute--Chloe is my daughter's name! Here are

  • Blog Post: My Real Name Is What?!?

    You know these famous faces from magazine covers and movie credits. But do you know their real names? These twelve celebrities all started out life with another name – often one far less glamorous and trend-setting than the names we know them by. Some stage names are subtle departures from birth names, while others are a complete makeover. By Abby Sandel [nggallery id="220" template="nameberry"]

  • Blog Post: They Wrecked My Baby Name!

    It was a headline we couldn't resist: Names You Like That Have Been "Ruined" for You. Visitors to the forum have as many ways their favorites have been ruined -- by movies, celebrities, and insensitive friends -- as they have lamented name loves. The topic is so provocative we thought we'd open it up to everyone.  What name has been wrecked for you, by whom and how? (Twilight, we're looking at you). Photo by Nur Hussein via Flickr.

  • Blog Post: Everyone Hates My Favorite Name!

    Welcome back to Nameberry’s newest column, The Name Sage. Every week, I answer one reader’s questions about naming a baby-on-the-way, or general baby name angst. We’d love it if you would add your thoughtful suggestions and comments to help expectant parents decide. Want to see your question featured? Please email Christina is expecting a daughter soon, and after much searching, she found the perfect name: Gwendolyn Annalise. The problem? As she’s shared the...

  • Blog Post: Literary Baby Names: Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare

    Today we're celebrating the natal day of William Shakespeare, and in his honor  we thought that instead of reiterating the usual list of familiar major characters—Romeo and Juliet, Beatrice and Benedick et al—we’d pay our tribute to the Bard of Avon with the less obvious names of some of the more obscure, less Shakespearean-sounding characters. GIRLS Audrey—As You Like It. Reflecting the retro radiance of Audrey Hepburn, her name is now in the Top 50—the highest it has ever...

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: He hates my favorite name

    Tilly writes: We're expecting a baby girl and my fiancé loves names such as Britney, Sarah, and

  • Blog Post: How I Chose My Own Name

    unsupportive online, but instead everyone wished me luck and told me they liked my choice. I decided

  • Blog Post: Does This Name Make Me Look Old?

    bag. But now the veracity of my age is starkly clear to me each day in black and white. With green

  • Blog Post: 5 Super Surnames from my Family Tree

    wouldn’t want my child’s first name so actively linked with an author who scared me as a teenager

  • Blog Post: Without My Baby I Just Look Crazy

    [embed][/embed] Warning: if you're a mom you will absolutely recognize yourself in this video courtesy of momgame. The woman in the video is improv comedienne Lauren Wilson, who is--obviously--a mom. (A non-mom could never come up with this skit, and a non-mom would never understand it.) This is one of several hilarious videos she has produced and posted to her YouTube channel so far. We're flagging it because, #1, it's great; and...

  • Blog Post: I WISH That Was My Name!

    her name, and she commands him to guess. "Uh....Daisy?" he says. "Daisy?!? I WISH my name was

  • Blog Post: Why I Named my Son Jayne

    single out my son for his name—which it definitely is not. The two comments that bother me the

  • Blog Post: Help My Husband Name Our Baby

    . [Much to my dismay, everyone calls her Lissy.] HIM: Fine. What sounds like Elissa? ME: Other than

  • Blog Post: How Ramona Made Me A Name Nerd

    Harriet certainly taught me all about that—you see where I’m going here? She’s not not my role model

  • Blog Post: Animal Names: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

    If you're looking for a theme for your baby-to-be's nursery, you could do worse than factoring into your name decision those that have animal themes. (I'll bet half the little boys named Jonah, for instance,  have at least one whale on their walls.) I'm talking mostly about names that refer to a specific animal in their meanings, as well as some literary and pop culture characters.  There are some caveats though--I mean does Portia really want to be reminded constantly that her name is...

  • Blog Post: The Fitzes: Beyond Mr. Darcy, F. Scott and JFK

    Fitzes I have come across in my research: Fitzalan Fitzclarence Fitzgeorge Fitzgibbon

  • Blog Post: I Named My Kid After A Star Wars Character

    by Kurt Larson Technically, the title of this blog is false. I didn’t name my newborn son after

  • Blog Post: Give Me a Name with Swagger and Sass

    ones. I love them and am delighted when people use them, but of late, my own lists aren't populated by

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: Kim Kardashian Stole My Baby Name!

    and Brennan is my best friend's last name. Our son Nash Anderson's middle name is my husband's last

  • Blog Post: The Reason I Didn't Tell My Baby's Unusual Name

    ." Some people might question my parents' decision to give me this name (and if they did, I hope

  • Blog Post: My Little Pony Names: Equine options from Rider to Roan

    feeling of freedom I felt my first time riding a horse. There is something spiritual and intuitive

  • Blog Post: Names from Books: How I named my characters

    By Mathieu Cailler During my recent book tour travels, I would often read a short story titled

  • User List: JM names

    Alec, Alex, Asher, Cabe, Cade, Caleb, Calen, Casen, Charlie, Coby, Colin

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Picks: The 12 best 'You-can-call-me-Al' names

    One of Paul Simon's biggest hits was a song titled "You Can Call Me Al."  But, really, who calls