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  • Blog Post: The Clementine Clique: Trendy names ending in 'ine'

    --who knows?--names like Gerald and Ernest could make a return at any time. The ine ending is one

  • User List: -ine Names

    Clementine, Capucine, Mazarine, Pomeline, Melusine, Ottoline

  • User List: Cute -ine Girls

    Madeline, Coraline, Josephine, Emmeline, Adeline, Eveline, Evangeline, Rosaline, Nadine

  • User List: Adorable Ine Girl Names

    Adeline, Alexandrine, Aline, Almandine, Amandine, Ameline, Andrine, Angeline, Antonine, Aveline, Bernadine, Brigidine, Capucine, Carine, Carline, Caroline, Catherine, Celestine, Celine, Charlaine, Christine, Clarine, Claudine, Coraline, Corrine, Darline, Delaine, Delphine, Elaine, Emmaline, Evaline, Evangeline, Francine, Georgine, Geraldine, Ghislaine, Gwendoline, Helaine, Isaline, Jacqueline, Jadine, Janine, Jasmine, Jeanine, Jensine, Jessamine, Joline, Josephine, Jourdaine, Justine, Karine,...

  • User List: Unusual "-ine" Names

    Adeline, Ameline, Amandine, Aveline, Clementine, Coraline, Celestine, Evangeline, Emmeline, Ernestine, Leontine, Madeline, Marceline, Rosaline, Valentine, Sabine

  • User List: Ending in -ine for boys

    , Ervine, Faine, Florentine, Gawaine, Germaine, Heine, Irvine, Jermaine, Peregrine, Pine, Ravine, Valentine, Vine

  • User List: Girls Names Ending in -INE

    Adaline, Adeline, Alexandrine, Amandine, Angeline, Aubine, Brigidine, Carine, Caroline, Celine, Christine, Clarine, Claudine, Clementine, Coraline, Corrine, Delphine, Edwine, Elvine, Emmaline, Eponine, Evaline, Evangeline, Florine, Francine, Hermine, Imogine, Jacqueline, Jeannine, Joceline, Josephine, Justine, Karine, Karoline, Laurine, Lorine, Lucine, Madeline, Magdaline, Marceline, Nadine, Odeline, Ondine, Ottoline, Pauline, Rosaline, Sabine, Seline, Severine, Soline, Sylvine, Thomasine,...

  • User List: Girl names ending in -ine

    Alvine, Delphine, Evangeline, Eponine, Faline, Fideline, Florentine, Geraldine, Leontine, Olivine, Opaline, Séraphine, Wilhelmine

  • User List: Girl Names Ending with -ine

    Columbine, Florentine, Valentine, Carmine, Cymbeline

  • User List: Elegant Names That End With "Ine"

    Adeline, Caroline, Clementine, Emeline, Evaline, Jessamine, Madeline, Sunshine, Valentine

  • Blog Post: 9 Girl Names Inspired by Ines

    works flawlessly in English, too. That brings to mind other recent Number One names, like Isabella

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Nine: Meaning matters

    For this week's Nameberry Nine, columnist Abby Sandel of Appellation Mountain talks about the

  • Fameberry: Ines

    Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

  • Blog Post: Old Names That Sound New: Ione, Nova and Archer

    minimalist one-syllable style continues to appeal to parents from all walks of life. Ione - Here’s a

  • Blog Post: Nine Baby Name Journeys

    Baltimore baseball fans boosting the name of the Orioles’ ballpark? In at least one case, the answer is

  • Blog Post: Boys' Names Ins and Outs

    succeeding years: only one or two per decade, with a large number of them having Irish roots

  • Blog Post: Is there only one Romeo?

    In our first book Beyond Jennifer & Jason, we talked about One-Person Names -- appellations

  • Blog Post: Middle Names, Nine Different Ways

    in the news illustrate nine approaches to choosing your child’s middle name. If you’re stumped

  • Blog Post: Just one more baby (name)

    For this week's Question of the Week, we're going to ask you to imagine that you have just one more

  • Blog Post: Schoolroom Names: One Teacher's Take

    more on their names and less on who they are.  When it comes down to it, you have a very fine line to

  • Blog Post: Treasures from One Family Tree

    what to think of this one, I couldn’t leave it out. Scapus is the only male in his immediate family

  • Blog Post: Middle Names: Are two better than one?

    Social Security limit you to one middle only,  in effect depriving a person of recording her full name

  • Blog Post: One Hit Wonders: Beatrix, Baker & Boone

    and were trending downward at that point.  And also, many of them ranked in the eight and nine

  • Blog Post: Naming Literary Characters II: One author’s choices

    young soldier who very much wants to be a hero but is not sure how to be one yet. I like this name a lot

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry Nine: Football, Facebook, fiction

    to the anonymous many who voted in one couple’s Facebook poll. The parents made good with their

  • Blog Post: One Mother's Challenge: Naming Baby Number 3

    say obsessed) with the near impossible task of encoding more of life into one word than seemed

  • Blog Post: New Year's Name Resolutions: One Berry's list

    combinations in that one in ten parents in the South have used them, and your daughter will most likely have

  • Blog Post: Cool Middle Names: Find one for Facebook

    Zelig Or you might go with a middle name with a cool meaning. Animals are one good possibility

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry Nine: Embracing the Modern

    Nameberry Nine columnist Abby Sandel of Appellation Mountain trolls the web this week in search of

  • Blog Post: Twin Names: One Berry's Top Picks

    when Mary-Kate and Ashley burst onto the screen in the 80s sitcom “Full House” as the lovable