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  • Blog Post: Long, Lovely Names for Girls

    . Could Paulina be part of the next wave of long, lovely, romantic names for girls? And if so, what are

  • Blog Post: Girl Names: Long and Meaningful

    not super popular but are also familiar enough to pronounce. Because they’re long, we want to be aware

  • Blog Post: Ryan Wong: Can You Mix Ethnicities?

    last name is Wong but you, like hundreds of other Wongs, want to name your son Ryan? Nothing wrong

  • Blog Post: 20 Great Girl Names from Song Titles

    start going through my favorite song titles.” Happily, there’s no shortage of great names for

  • List: Names That Mean Song

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: A Long, Romantic Name for a Girl?

    , Vivienne Renee, and Hannalise Olive. We’re looking for a long name – three or more syllables

  • List: Names That Mean Long

  • Blog Post: How Long Do Popular Names Stay Popular?

    shortly. A Nameberry reader recently asked: How long do baby names in the US Top 10 tend to remain

  • Blog Post: Sister Sibling Names: Long or Short?

    your family. Here’s why: Olivia is classic and beautiful. But it’s also long and lovely, a flowing

  • List: Names That Mean Hog

  • Blog Post: Long Baby Names: When More Is More

    are some intriguing long names for girls: ABYSSINIA ALEXANDRIA ANAMARIA ANASTASIA APOLLONIA

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: Long and Lovely Girl Names

    like Clementina and James, but maybe I'm trying too hard there. I'm a bigger fan of long

  • Blog Post: The Long and Short of Baby Name News This Week

    think of it more as a return to normal after long names became unusually popular in the 1970s and

  • Blog Post: Number One Names: So Long, Jacob and Emily?

    Jacob and Emily will continue their reign or end their long runs as the Number One Names in the U.S

  • Blog Post: Vintage Nicknames: Ready to wake after a long nap?

    By Pamela Redmond Satran Nickname-names still appear on birth certificates.  In the U.S., such names as Ellie, Abby, and Charlie for girls; Jake, Jack, and Johnny for boys all rank high.  In the U.K., nickname-names are even more fashionable, with Evie, Maisie, Millie, and Ellie in the Top 35 for girls, and Jack, Charlie, and Alfie in the boys’ Top 10. But there are generations of nickname-names that have fallen off the Top 1000, yet sound cute and baby-ready today.  The list here is...

  • Blog Post: The Long and (mostly) Short of Baby Names

    Long and short names aren’t just for girls! Zoe Saldana welcomed twins Bowie and Cy – just Cy – in

  • Blog Post: Vanishing Names: So long, Susan; Bye bye, Barbara

    at least to take in a big enough mouthful of it that they fall into a long stupor.  We're not

  • Blog Post: Baby Boy Names: The long and short of it

    by Pamela Redmond Satran A friend is searching for baby boy names that start out long – three or

  • Blog Post: Long Name or Short Name? There's No In Between

    syllables, it is about as long as a given name gets in English.  It brings to mind scholarship, thanks

  • Blog Post: The Long and the Short of Girl Names

    By Abby Sandel, Appellation Mountain Do you prefer your girls’ names short and simple, or long

  • Blog Post: Bye-bye, Meghan.  So long, Marisa.  Girl names leaving the Top 1000

    Top 1000 in 2013, some of them perhaps just taking a nap, others on a long slide toward obsolescence

  • Blog Post: What Took So Long?: Why Huck and Holden and Atticus now?

    of soap opera (ATWT) character Holden Snyder , who debuted in 1985 and hung in on the show for the

  • User List: Long List

    Albert, Aurora, Balthasar, Barnabas, Barnaby, Barry, Beatrice, Benno, Bernard, Berry, Catherine, Charlie, Clara, Clarence, Delaney, Dexter, Diana, Dmitri, Dorian, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Elvis, Florence, Frances, Franz, Frida, Harley, Harrison, Henry, Indiana, Inigo, Jane, Juniper, Laura, Laurel, Liza, Lizzie, Louie, Margot, Montague, Noelle, Octavia, Ollie, Pascal, Patricia, Ramona, Regina, River, Rory, Rose, Roza, Ruby, Simon, Sylvia, Wolfe, Wolfgang, Edith

  • User List: long list

    Lauralei, Sawyer, Willow, Oliver, Finn, Cecile, Rebekah, Seamus, Delaney, Cyrus, Silas, Evangeline

  • User List: Jbulk21's LONG, LONG, LONG List of Names

    Adriana, Alexandria, Analisa, Annaliese, Aubrianna, Azarias, Brianne, Cohen, Dahlia, Diana, Dorian, Edwin, Estella, Eudora, Eulalie, Euphemia, Eustacia, Fairfax, Gray, India, Iolanthe, Jacoby, Jessamine, Joseph, Larissa, Laura, Lavender, Leander, Lysander, Mabel, Mae, Matteo, Maude, Maura, Melanie, Millicent, Nya, Obadiah, Odelia, Ophelia, Paula, Portia, Quilla, Quincy, Rhea, Rhys, Rue, Ryland, Thea, Umbria, Umbrielle, Zahava, Zella, Ruby, Tierra, Silas, Winona, Lynn, Romilly, Elysia

  • User List: Long-term Names

    Ada, Alice, Annabeth, August, Caroline, Charlotte, Clara, Cora, Declan, Eden, Eleanor, Elsa, Gideon, Jasper, Lucille, Lucy, Margaret, Silas, Sophie, Violet, William

  • User List: Long List ~ Girls

    Adriana, Adrienne, Amalia, Annaliese, Augusta, Jemima, Oksana, Alani, Antonia, Aviana, Araminta, Xanthia

  • User List: Long & Stylish Names

    Abilene, Achilles, Adelaide, Adelina, Adeline, Adriana, Adriano, Alaricia, Alastair, Alexander, Alexandra, Alexios, Alfonso, Alouette, Anastasia, Anatole, Angelica, Annabella, Annalise, Anthony, Antoinette, Antonio, Aphrodite, Apollonia, Ariadne, Arianna, Atticus, Augusta, Augustina, Augustus, Aurelia, Aurelius, Barnaby, Beatrice, Benedict, Benjamin, Bernadette, Carolina, Cassandra, Catalina, Christina, Christopher, Claudia, Claudio, Cordelia, Cornelia, Cynthia, Daenerys, Daniella, Dolores,...

  • User List: Long Girls Names

    Calypso, Rosalie, Willoughby, Rosemary, Pepper, Valentine, Henrietta, Temperance, Florence, Topanga

  • User List: Girl's Long List

    Amalia, Annaliese, Augusta, Aurelia, Evelina, Indira, Jemima, Juniper, Lilium, Lorelai, Magnolia, Margot, Zola, October