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  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names You'll Want to Steal

    (Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson)  Bowie, brother of Luuk (Joost and Dani van Haaren)  Bram (Katinka

  • Blog Post: Do You Want A Truly Unique Name?

    A lot of people use the term unique baby names when what they really mean is unusual baby names.  Names such as Romeo, Romilly, and Roxana may be distinctive, attractive, and uncommon, but they're hardly unique. But what about those names that truly are unique, as in one-of-a-kind? Along with checking out which names were most popular on nameberry so far this year, we took a look at the names that were searched just once last quarter – nameberry’s own truly unique baby names. Of...

  • Blog Post: June Starbaby Names You'll Want to Adopt

    ) Calvin Ernest, brother of Redford, August (m), and Aubrey (f) (Sam and Amber Jaeger) Dante (Dane

  • Blog Post: So You Want A Name That's Hipper Than Hipster?

    Click here for the full list of hipster names. When the mother of all hipster mommy bloggers, Heather Armstrong aka Dooce, named her second daughter Marlo, all I could think was…..Marlo? Really?  You’d have to work hard to find a less hipsterish name, and Dooce herself has said she was inspired to choose the name by its original bearer, That Girl actress and Free to Be You and Me author Marlo Thomas, not exactly a hipster icon. So I was thinking about how true hipsters would by...

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry Survey: We want to know more about you!

    You know a lot about us, so now it's time for us to find out a little more about you. Please note that this is a two-part survey, so be sure to move on from the first to the second. Here's Part 1 of the survey. // <a href="" mce_href="">Here's Part 1 of the Survey!</a> Don't go away! Here's Part 2 -- even more fun! var PDF_surveyID = 'B472EF4872FE0CAE'; var...

  • Blog Post: What did your older child want to name the baby?

    the baby. What did your older kids want to name their baby sibling, and did you actually follow any of their ideas?  

  • Blog Post: 15 Parenting Books You'll Actually Want to Read

    of today and how it affects childhood. 4. I Just Want to Pee Alone ($10): Welp, that title kind of

  • Blog Post: Don't pick these baby names if you want to be unique!

    has now reappeared as a rising baby girl name. Nori- Those parents who didn’t want to go as far

  • Fameberry: Xander Dane

    January Jones

  • Blog Post: Would You Give Your Child a Name You Wouldn't Want for Yourself?

    100 include Rumi, Astrid and Allegro for girls, and Dante, Magnus and Winston for boys. And it’s not

  • Fameberry: Dana Isaiah Jr.

    Jordin Sparks

  • User List: I Want Kids Named...

    Jude, Clara, Audrey, Penelope, Henry, Desmond, Bridget, Christian, Lily, Theodore, Cosette, Luke, Brooke, Holden, Aaron, Gabriel, Annabelle, Juliet, Quincy, Dorothy, Cody, Madeline

  • User List: Names I want to honor...

    Shelby, Chelsea, Deborah, Janice, Patricia, Kristina, Arianna, Talia, Rosie, Irene, Emily, Stephen, Todd, George, Ian, Shaun, Tillie, Jeanie

  • User List: Great Names That I Want To Remember

    Viola, Isaias, Jeroen, Raquel, Finnick, Thayer, Otto, Amilia, Gracinha, Nasarrio, Callaia, Cataleya, Ambria, Aeryal, Eulalee, Jenovefa, Alaska, Ayla, Aleia, Juno, Lilo, Lystra, Jaida, Damiana, Laina, Belle, Persephone, Elowen, Kerala, Enrica, Malaika, Sage, Eirian, Enya, Melitza, Adelaide, Aislinn, Naoko, Ambrose, Chrystabel, Adamina, Liberty, Edmonia, Adara, Ophelia, Rodriga, Aquinnah, Viviana, Cerise, Tanisha, Kassia, Merona, Saoirse, Isolde, Thalia, Yamileth, Viveca, Jacinta, Imara,...

  • User List: i dont know

  • User List: Names I want

    Juniper, Nola, Micah, Caoimhe, Caleb, Willow, Milo, Ffion, Azrael, Elizabel

  • User List: Names I want to child

    Sophie, Aiden, Cian, Kenya, Galaxy, December, Philomena, Malta, Ambrosia, Gigi, Isabel, Everdeen, Belle, Sommer, Elanor, Kaia, Alaska, Adorabelle

  • User List: 2019 Names You Dont Hear Everyday

    Blues, Brooklyn, Hartley, Magnolia, Odessa, Osiris, Tommen

  • User List: Names that dont completely suck to me


  • User List: Names I love and want to use

    Cora, Thaddeus, Frederick, Eleonora, Gideon, Alice, Louisa, Hazel, Walter, James, Porter, Wyatt, Cecily, Owen, Aline, Wesley, June, Coraline, Aaron, Aurelia, Cameron, Felicity

  • User List: Funky Names I Want To Remember

    Aaron, Abraxas, Adem, Amber, Amethyst, Aria, Astrid, Atticus, Augustus, Aura, Austin, Beckett, Caiden, Cameron, Celestia, Chloe, Ciro, Cooper, Cora, Crimson, Daedalus, Daisy, Dove, Echo, Edith, Eli, Emerald, Erasmus, Eva, Ezra, Felix, Finn, Freya, Harper, Hazel, Helio, Hudson, Hunter, Ianthe, Indigo, Iris, Ivy, Jackson, Jade, Jasper, Jeremiah, Juniper, Kirin, Lavender, Leo, Levi, Liam, Lilac, Lillia, Lily, Luca, Lucas, Luna, Lupe, Mannix, Mika, Miles, Milo, Neo, Nico, Noah, Nora, Nova, Nyx,...

  • User List: Pls dont name ur kid Aiden

    Alec, Arabella, August, August, Barney, Beatrice, Booker, Bridger, Calvin, Camilla, Camille, Carlisle, Carlyle, Casper, Cecily, Cedric, Clarence, Clark, Cleo, Colette, Coraline, Corinne, Damien, Daphne, Darcy, Daria, Darren, Darwin, Dashiell, Devin, Devin, Dorian, Dorothy, Edison, Edmond, Eliza, Elle, Ellis, Eloise, Elvis, Evander, Evangeline, Faye, Felix, Ferris, Fiona, Flannery, Florence, Frances, Franklin, Georgia, Glory, Grace, Graham, Grant, Harriet, Harris, Hayes, Henrietta, Hollis,...

  • User List: Names I Love But Cant Use

    Jesse, Oliver, Sophia, William, Ethan

  • User List: Ones I Have & Ones I Want

  • User List: Every Character Name I'll Ever Want (Girls)

    Phoenix, Abilene, Adrienne, Adele, Adelaide, Arianna, Astrid, Atlanta, Autumn, Bianca, Blue, Briana, Bridget, Brooke, Brooklyn, Cadence, Catalina, Cassia, Cat, Clove, Corabel, Echo, Evelyn, Gianna, Geneva, Harmony, Haven, Hazel, Imogen, Indigo, Iris, Isabel, Jacqueline, Kaia, Kierra, Kylee, Kyra, Lavinia, Nessa, Nova, Piper, Reyna, Reverie, Rowan, Rue, Sabine, Sage, Savannah, Sedona, Sephora, Sequoia, Sierra, Skye, Soraya, Tessa, Willow, Thalia, Senna, Mirabel, Melina, Mae, Lyra, Katrina,...

  • User List: What I want to name my boys

    Beckett, Breccan, Holden, Salem, Sawyer, Silas, Soren, Stellan, Sterling, Sylvan

  • User List: Male reclaim -- names I want given to boys again

    , Shelby, Leslie, Kelly, Blair, Lindsay, Joyce, Evelyn, Whitney, Ashley, Dana, Madison, Addison, Alexei

  • User List: Girl names I want to give my future daughters

    Gloria, Rita, Sally, Olive

  • User List: Thats what I want to name my kids

  • User List: so you want your son to become an actor??

    Israel, Sebastian, Salem, Ezra, Miles, Jude