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  • Fameberry: Dana Isaiah Jr.

    Jordin Sparks

  • Blog Post: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

    Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is the official name of the newborn Princess of Cambridge. Prince

  • List: Names That Mean Cana

  • Blog Post: How Meghan & Harry's Baby Name Could Honor Diana

    by Pamela Redmond Satran Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the next big even we can look forward to is a royal baby -- and a royal baby name. The name possibilities for Harry and Meghan's theoretical children are wider and more wonderful than they've been for big brother William and Kate. As Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson did when they named their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, Harry and Meghan can choose from a more expansive...

  • Blog Post: Bizarre Baby Names: Do celebs have them in their DNA?

    When out-of the-box-named Ever Carradine, actress and member of a multi-generational Hollywood dynasty, recently gave her baby daughter the equally out-of-the-box-name Chaplin, it got me wondering—could there be an extreme baby naming gene that passes from generation to generation? In Ever’s case it seems to be true.  Although her parent’s generation bore the classic names David, Christopher, Keith and Robert, among their offspring are: Cade Calista Free (who changed his name to...

  • Fameberry: Heiress Diana

    Clifford "T.I." and Tameka "Tiny" Harris

  • Fameberry: Xander Dane

    January Jones

  • User List: "ana" Names

    Anastasia, Anatoli, Eliana, Georgiana, Hana, Tatiana

  • Fameberry: Evangeline

    Dylan Farrow and Dana Silver

  • Fameberry: Mary Lucille Diana

    Zac and Kate Hanson

  • Fameberry: Nana Kwadjo (Boy)

    Isaac Hayes

  • Fameberry: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

  • User List: Names that end in -na

    Dana, Montana, Indiana

  • User List: Girl names à la Lana Del Rey

    Dolores, Lolita, Lana, Charlize, Merilyn, Zelda, Penelope, Velvet, Carmen, Azura, Blaire, Dionne

  • User List: Girl Names Ending with -Ana or -Anna

    Abrianna, Adriana, Andreana, Ariana, Aureliana, Aviana, Brianna, Eliana, Eviana, Emiliana, Floriana, Georgiana, Gianna, Osanna, Oksanna, Liana, Ilianna, Iridiana, Luciana, Morgana, Oriana, Tatiana, Tristana, Viridiana, Vianna

  • List: Aquarius Baby Names

    , Bayu, Brisa, Brooke, Cato, Chance, Charity, Ciel, Cordelia, Coro, Dana, Darwin, Eleven, Enoch

  • List: Names that Peaked in 1971

    Anissa, Stacy, Stacia, Stacie, Angella, Tonia, Bobbi, Cherise, Charisse, Dana, Dawn, Ginger, Julie

  • User List: Tough or Tomboy Girl Names

    Alexa, Ava, Connie, Dana, Erica, Jamie, Jo, Jess, Maddie, Sam

  • User List: Names that sound passe for a girl but fresh for a boy

    Dana, Kelly, Kerry, Lindsay, Morgan, Shannon, Taylor, Robin

  • User List: Science Fiction Names from TV Shows

    Malcolm, River, Zoë, Simon, Serenity, Ianto, Jack, Gwen, Owen, Toshiko, Dana, Fox, Walter

  • User List: Arabic yet english/american names

    Aria, Basil, Dana, Donna, Ebba, Elias, Fay, Jana, Janna, Layla, May, Samara, Savannah, Lilac

  • User List: Feminine Names For Boys

    Ashley, Blair, Dana, Harper, Justice, Lyric, Paris, Quinn, Raven, Sage, Shannon, Sidney, Sloane, Vivian, Whitney

  • User List: D - compilation of D names

    Dana, Danica, Darko, Deacon, Dean, Della, Delta, Demetrio, Demetrius, Denver, Diana, Diego, Draco, Dylan, Dylano, Dane

  • User List: 10 Things I Hate About You

    Bianca, Cameron, Chastity, Dana, Ethan, Gregory, James, Jette, Joseph, Katerina, Lawrence, Lindsey

  • User List: ABC Names Girl

    Devon, Delia, Dakota, Delaney, Daisy, Dana, Denise, Dawn, Delilah, Daphne, Dorothy, Darcy, Demi, Destry, Diversity, Divinity, Dove, Drew, Danica

  • User List: Boys, boys, boys!

    Sky, Declan, Luke, Ashton, Logan, James, Edward, Dalton, Dana, Colton, Cole, Lucas, Skyler, Chase, Aidan, Aiden, Theodore, Levi

  • User List: Korean Names

    Ara, Bora, Chen, Dana, Euna, Hana, Hara, Hye, Jae, Jia, Jun

  • User List: Life Is Strange Names

    Maxine, Victoria, Stella, Dana, Juliet, Chloe, Rachel, Nathan, Evan, Luke, Alyssa, Warren, Kate, Hayden, Daniel, Kristine

  • Blog Post: 10 Names the Boys Should Steal Back

    the list in 1977. And for what it’s worth, this spelling was rarely used for girls. Dana The

  • User List: Xennial Girls You Know

    Bridget, Cara, Dana, Deanna, Heidi, Jill, Joanna, Jodi, Kendra, Krista, Lacey, Meredith, Mindy, Misty, Shauna, Tara, Whitney, Stacy