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  • Blog Post: Classic Girls’ Names: How To Choose One That’s Truly Timeless

    Clara Elisabeth Elise Ellen Janet Kathleen Kathryn Lorena Lucia Maria Marie Nancy

  • User List: DEARLOVE Family Names

    , Claudia, Craig, Dana, Deborah, Diane, Edna, Elisabeth, Erica, Fern, Finn, Grace, Graham, Hannah, Isaac

  • User List: Good Regency Names (Girls)

    Jane, Mary, Viola, Isabel, Alice, Constance, Charlotte, Georgiana, Emma, Bridget, Grace, Cecily, Priscilla, Catherine, Claudia, Agnes

  • User List: Girl Names I Like

    Alinah, Allison, Auden, Ava, Charlotte, Claudia, Elizabeth, Elowen, Elvira, Jane, Juniper, Kristen

  • List: Saints' Names for Girls

    , Bernardine, Bibiana, Benilde, Bridget, Anne, Claudia, Cleopatra, Clotilde, Colette, Crispina, Delphina

  • Blog Post: Sibling Names: The latest from London

    latest announcements: girls Atalanta Prudence Lovelace, a sister for Hugo and Ranulph Claudia

  • User List: Girl Names Always in the Top 1000

    , Christine, Claire, Clara, Claudia, Cora, Corinne, Cynthia, Daisy, Deborah, Edith, Eleanor, Elisabeth

  • User List: girls

    , Claire, Claudia, Cricket, Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Ellery, Eowyn, Eulalia, Eve, Felicity, Fern

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names of January: Cypress Night and Freddie Reign

    , sister of Maud (Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor) Jagger Rose, sister of Claudia and Jake (Anthony

  • User List: 1500 style

    , Elinor, James, Elizabeth, Avery, Christian, Ellen, Jane, Avis, Christina, Clare, Janet, Ellis, Claudio

  • User List: Girls

    , Clarie, Clarity, Claudia, Clea, Clementine, Clio, Clove, Clover, Constance, Cora, Coralie, Coraline