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  • Blog Post: January Starbabies: The complete cast

    By CaraMichelle Several high-profile, A-list celebabes arrived on the scene this month, including Jonathan Rhys Meyers's son Wolf, Saffron Burrows's Daisy Alice Winnie, Molly Sims's Grey Douglas, Armie Hammer's son Ford Douglas Armand, and Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's boy Montague.  Also, Mel Gibson sired his ninth child, naming him Lars Gerard, and there were two new members of the Jackson family: Janet's boy Eissa and Jermaine II's Soltan.  Two unusual nickname names surfaced as well: A...

  • Blog Post: Cat Names from Alonzo to Zizi

    You don’t have to be a cat fancier to appreciate a name with a sleek feline feel.  These cool

  • List: Names That Mean Cart

  • List: Names That Mean Wait

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Announcements Worth the Wait: Violet, Luna, and Angelo

    shared by Gwyneth Paltrow on Twitter.  Other parents wait for reporters to unearth the official birth

  • Blog Post: Oscar-Nominated Names: Time to cast your ballots

    By Linda Rosenkrantz A couple of weeks ago we covered the Golden Globe nominee names, and now, as predicted and promised, we have a wider field to pick from with the new Oscar nominations, which include a wide range of behind-the-scenes people.  Not surprisingly, as a reflection of the gender imbalance in the industry, there are a lot more boys’ than girls’ names. So here are some of the best names that were not included on the Golden Globes slate, with several interesting international...

  • Blog Post: Anything Goes for Girls: Apple, Willow, Mia, and Cai

    – Shanola Hampton must be having a great year.  She’s part of the cast of Showtime’s much-lauded original

  • List: Black Cat Names

    Midnight, Night, Ebony, Raven, Carey, Douglas, Doyle, Farrar, Kali, Cole, Charna, Fabron, Guadalupe, Devlin, Jinx, Kanika, Keir, Krishna, Lonan, Melania, Merle, Nigel, Peta, Sullivan, Shyam, Blake, Blakeley, Ciar, Ciara, Cronan, Colton, Darcy, Delaney, Donahue, Donnelly, Donovan, Duffy, Duncan, Hadrian, Hari, Keira, Kerry, Kieran, Kiernan, Maurice, Moritz, Phoenix, Perran, Pinchas, Rajani, Tamala, Tynan, Selket, Tabitha, Sabbath, Sunday, Amaya, Leila, Lilith, Manu, Swain, Nisha, Lucky,...

  • Blog Post: Welsh Baby Names: Which way to go? Cai, Dai or Elvis?

    Rhiannon Sian—the Welsh form of Jane Tegan  BOYS Aeron Alban Alun Cai—one

  • User List: Caits Names

  • Fameberry: Cai Myanna

    Shanola Hampton

  • User List: Cat Names

    Agatha, Edith, Ethel, Ginger, Henry, Rupert, Edgar, Dudley, Eleanor, Phoebe, Betty

  • List: Creative Cat Names

    , Maxine, Loki, Milo, Nala, Pixie, Snow, Simba, Sam, Taffy, Tiger, Lionel, Leonie, Leo, Cat, Gucci, Lady

  • List: Badass Cat Names

    Kit, Babe, Jezebel, Thelonious, Rebel, Danger, Khaleesi, Cersei, Lynx, Wolf, Bear, Scarlett, Fox, Tiger, Dash, Rocket, Harley, Birdie, Pistol, Hunter, Huntley, Rogue, Lulu, Vivi, Coco, Bebe, Tabitha, Persephone, Atlas, Cleopatra, Aida, Bardot, Electra, Eulalia, Lola, Hero, Ellington, Dagger, Beyonce, Kanye, Delilah, Puck, Poe, Friday, Stormi, Tallulah, Venus, Salome, Elvis, Ophelia, Hermione, Joplin, Love, Zephyr, Zuzu

  • List: Orange Cat Names

    Finn, Aurelia, Chrysanthemum, Orla, Flavia, Gilda, Cressida, Oriole, Orville, Tawny, Zarina, Xanthus, Peta, Finley, Goldie, Golda, Amber, Clementine, Rusty, Peaches, Tangerine, Crimson, Scarlett, Sunshine, Rory, Rosie, Ruby, Honey, Summer, Sunny, Mango, Tabby, Tabitha, Russell, Rory, Rowen, Rowan, Clancy, Derry, Flann, Flanagan, Akako, Arusha, Omaira, Roy, Rumo, Flannery, Flynn, Corcoran, Gough, Reading, Roisin, Rooney, Alhambra, Adam, Jasper, Garnet, Radcliff, Reed, Roan, Rogan, Roth,...

  • List: White Cat Names

    Blanca, Bianca, Blanche, Star, Cloud, Alba, Albus, Arianwen, Arjun, Bela, Blanchard, Blodwen, Bronwen, Blanco, Candace, Chardonnay, Dilwyn, Dwight, Elvira, Fianna, Nevada, Yuki, Finn, Finola, Edelweiss, Frost, Finella, Fiona, Galatea, Gavin, Ginevra, Guinevere, Gwen, Gwendolyn, Ivory, Izusa, Kenyon, Lilwenn, Livana, Nola, Jenna, Jennifer, Jenny, Neva, Nola, Neve, Olwen, Rhoswen, Rowena, Whitman, Whit, Whitney, Wyclef, Whittaker, Snow, Eira, Lumi, January, Janus, December, Winter, Diamond,...

  • User List: Cat Names

    Louie, Ollie, Rory, Sam, Rigel

  • User List: THE CAT

    Ivy, Winifred, Minerva, Rowena, Dove, Skye, Sybil, Alice, Boo, Jude

  • User List: Boy Cat Names

  • User List: Game Of Thrones Cast Names

    Aiden, Alfie, Art, Ciaran, Charles, Finn, Gethin, Harry, Ian, Iain, Isaac, Iwan, Jack, James, Jerome, Julian, Kit, Kristofer, Liam, Mark, Michael, Paul, Pedro, Peter, Richard, Rory, Sean, Stephen, Thomas, Diana, Ellie, Emilia, Esme, Gemma, Gwendoline, Hannah, Indira, Rose, Kate, Lena, Maisie, Michelle, Natalia, Natalie, Oona, Sibel, Sophie

  • User List: Some Cat Name Ideas

  • User List: Black Cat Names

    Hazel, Morgana, Stormy

  • List: Variations of Katherine

    , Katelynn, Cait, Cate, Cathy, Kathy, Kitty, Kay, Kit, Katrina, Cat, Kat, Katerina, Cathleen, Katey

  • User List: Caits Name List

  • User List: The Story Cast

    James, Sebastian, Tavish, Drucilla, Sadie, Zoey

  • User List: PLL Cast Names

    Ian, Michael, Keegan, Allen, Lucy, Ashley, Benson, Mitchell, Shay, Tyler, Sasha, Victoria, Kate, Shannon, Avery, Phillip, Julian, David, Lindsay, Marie, Holly, Shaw, Diego, Drew, Cody, Christian, Claire, Nia, Chad, Brant, Ryan, Nolan, Brendan, North, Leighton, Laura, Amanda, Annabeth

  • User List: Vampire Academy Cast

    Zoey, Lucy, Sarah, Dominic, Danila, Olga, Sami, Cameron, Ashley

  • User List: Cat Names - Female

    Darby, Farrah, Greta, Hallie, Harlow, Harper, Indie, Lainey, Leigha, Lena, Liora, Meredith, Olivia, Sofia, Tahlia, Teagan, Libby, Cora

  • User List: Names I Love But Cant Use

    Jesse, Oliver, Sophia, William, Ethan

  • User List: Prospective Cat Name Ideas

    Birdie, Boo, Calico, Catkin, Clarence, Gigi, Ginger, Jacopo, Kiki, Luna, Muffy, Roux, Truly