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  • Blog Post: I Love Them Both the Same!

    I can never decide which name I like more, Daisy or Maisie. I'm equally torn between Otis and Osias, Beatrice and Beatrix, Harry and Henry. What two pairs of similar names do you love equally? And why are those the two that inspire the greatest ambivalence? Are they similar in sound or feel or image?

  • Blog Post: Choosing Baby Names: Love, Logic, or Both?

    great suggestions, and please tell us: when it came to making your baby name choices, did it come down to love, logic, or a little bit of both?

  • User List: Both

    Perry, Percy, Avery, Sutton, Auberon, Madigan

  • Blog Post: Baby Names Compromise: Finding A Name You Both Love

    name -- one that may not be either of your favorites but that you both like okay -- might not

  • Blog Post: How to Find A Name You BOTH Love

    that you both have names that you like. It’s a great starting point. But before we get to the

  • Blog Post: Unisex Names: Which names work best for both genders?

    work best for both genders.  Please name names and let us know why you think  your choices go both

  • User List: For Both

    Harper, Hartley, Langley, Henley, Sawyer

  • User List: Both Like

    Sebastian, Blake, Mason, Cadence, Lacy, Lillian, Raven, Eva

  • User List: Names We Both Like

    Alice, Annabel, Daphne, Elizabeth, Katherine, Margaret, Quinn, Sienna, Violet, Sasha, Josephine, Melanie, Philip, David, Stanley, Martin, George, William

  • User List: names we both like...

    Pearl, Ella, Georgia, Piper, Adele, Mirabelle, Milla, Lila, Fiona, Maeve, Quinn, Tallulah, Sylvie, Lulu

  • User List: current favorites for both genders

    Cooper, Caden, Jaxon, Stellan, Gemma, Athena, Autumn, Brynn, Aurora, Hunter, Holly, Archer, Nicolai

  • User List: Girl Names We Both Like

    Eris, Nadia, Nahla

  • User List: Favorite names for both genders.

    Xanthe, Imogen, Dante, Orion, Apollo

  • User List: Family names--both strange and wonderful

    Eulalia, Robert, Gerald, Joanna, Clayton

  • User List: Names for Boy #6 Both Parents Like

    Cyrus, Morrison, Ripley, Saxon, Wilder, Wyatt, Carl

  • User List: Names that are both Hebrew and Arabic

    Yahir, Abia, Abia, Adara, Adhara, Amael, Ismail, Salem, Mahershala, Mozes, Yazid, Yusuf, Ishaq, Aza, Zakia, Jim

  • User List: Both Unique and Classic French Girl Names

    Jeannine, Janine, Junie, Maelys, Sandrine, Annabelle, Anne, Anaise, Nadie, Zelie, Celie, Alicie, Alice, Marisse, Clarisse, Caresse, Adele, Adeline, Agnes, Aurore, Anaelle, Abrial, Arianne, Adriane, Adrienne, Adrianne, Amelie, Aimee, Adalie, Nathalie, Mathilde, Noely, Nancy, Belle, Elle, Dorine, Delphine, Alisanne, Amarante, Chantilly, Veronique, Angelique, Angeline, Anna, Annette, Antoinette, Arlette, Cerise, Celeste, Celestine, Aline, Aurelie, Manet, Monet, Nolwenn, Bernadette, Bernadine,...

  • User List: misc pet names both masc and fem

    Basil, Cleo, Cora, Coraline, Winter, Hazel, Morgana, Dougal, Doyle, Lorna, Maudie, Pepper, Wendy, Peach, Finn, Margot, Puck, Ophelia, Olive, Lorelei, Poe, Odette, Clementine, Sage, Fennel, Cherry, Zelda, Mignonette, Evander, Esme, Angus, Cosima, Linus, Pollyanna, Chrysanthemum, Gilda, Pike, Sunshine, Tawny, Pearl, Phoebe, Amos, Marnie, Fern

  • User List: Boys Names that Sound Both Strong and Smart

    Everett, Axel, Atticus, Zeno, Huxley, Thoreau, Bach, Paxton, Jethro, Jetson, Ajax, Warrick, Boaz, Montgomery, Nero, Oren

  • Blog Post: Thoroughly Modern Middles: Belle in for Beth

    Lynn and Beth were found on the majority of girls’ birth certificates, only to be followed by the

  • Blog Post: Elizabeth's Nicknames as Names: Betty, Bessie & Beth

    140 Ella 211 Elsie 217 Bessie 229 Beth 478 Elise 536 Betsy 569

  • Blog Post: Literary Sibsets--As in Amy, Beth, Meg & Jo

    Wallstreet Panic. SISTERS Alcott, Little Woman JOSEPHINE, MEG, BETH, AMY Austen, Pride and

  • User List: Goth Names

    Moon, Night, Shade, Trix, Hyde, Harm, Ivy, Luna, Thorne, Raven

  • User List: BIG TIDDY GOTH GF

    Blair, Tarot, Bella, Salem, Abby, Aquarius, Star, Quinn, Amari

  • User List: Dark & Goth Names

    Raven, Lilith, Hyde, Tarot, Jezebel, Tempest, Mystery, Blade, Arrow, Cannon, Talon, Spike, Rune, Cain, Onyx, Storm, Thorne, Haze, Frost, Rain, Secret, Lorelei, Hazard

  • User List: Beth Invented Names

  • User List: Goth Baby Names

    Adema, Black, December, Edgar, Eluned, Eternity, Icy, Moon, Morgana, Morwenna, Mystery, Rowena, Shadow, Storm, Whisper, Winter, Wolf, Allan, Draven, Alaric, Ragnor, Scarlet

  • User List: Goth baby names

    Adrienne, Amaris, Anastasia, Aisling, Autumn, Alaric, Aubrey, Auberon, Azriel, Bijou, Branwen, Briallen, Brigid, Bjorn, Blayze, Brandyn, Brander, Brendan, Byron, Calliope, Cassandra, Chandra, Celeste, Ceridwen, Calista, Calantha, Cadell, Cadogan, Ciaran, Cleon, Corbett, Corbin, Cain, December, Danika, Desdemona, Destiny, Demetria, Demelza, Damian, Dante, Demetrius, D'Arcy, Deverell, Drake, Dorian, Daire, Echo, Ebony, Eden, Estrella, Ethelinda, Evangeline, Electra, Elwin, Erasmus, Eoghan,...

  • User List: Beth Ending Names♥

    Alizabeth, Annabeth, Beth, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elsbeth, Embeth, Jobeth, Lilibeth, Lisbeth, Lizbeth, Harlow, Esme

  • User List: Butterfly, Moth and Dragonfly Girls

    Agna, Athalia, Arcana, Chandra, Cyane, Clemanthe, Eliena, Elodina, Florinda, Ina, Issoria, Levana, Lucina, Narina, Perdita, Selene, Senta, Siphone, Solandis, Zerynthia