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  • Blog Post: Celebrity Gender-Benders: Blake, Reese, and Drew

    Can celebrities have an impact on the gender ID of their names?  You betcha.  First there were some earlier actresses with predominantly male names like Glenn Close, Sean Young, Michael Learned and Darryl Hannah, and then, more recently, Bryce Dallas Howard, Elisha Cuthbert, Tierney Sutton, Jules Asner and Mischa Barton, who have opened the door to the gender-bending of their names. Here are some who have had a perceivable influence in making their lad names more acceptable for...

  • Blog Post: Sassy Short Girl Baby Names: Blythe, Blake, Blair

    , one year after the show first aired. Blake - still dominates for boys. This may soon change

  • List: Names That Mean Blade

  • Fameberry: Blaise Ray

    Amanda Beard

  • Fameberry: Levi Blaze

    Sean Paul and Jinx Stewart Henriques

  • Fameberry: Banks & Blaise (Twins)

    Willow Palin Bailey

  • User List: Names for a Boy Child

    Gilbert, Miles, Milo, Donald, Blase, Biagio, Roland

  • User List: Unmistakably Catholic Names

    , Baptiste, Barnabas, Beata, Benedict, Benedicta, Bernadette, Blase, Bonaventure, Boniface, Caeli

  • User List: Preppy Names

    , Blane, Crosby, Blase, Cutler, Cuyler, Courtenay, Bond, Daniel, Bourne, Bowman, Davenport, Bradford

  • Fameberry: Mars Ilah (Girl)

    Blake Anderson

  • Fameberry: Betty

    Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

  • Fameberry: Ines

    Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

  • Fameberry: James

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

  • List: Boy Names Ending in E

    , Blayze, Blayse, Blaze, Blake, Blakelee, Blakelie, Blase, Blue, Boe, Bobbee, Bobbie, Bogie

  • List: 5 Letter Boy Names

    , Birly, Birny, Bjorn, Bjarn, Bjame, Black, Blade, Blain, Blane, Blair, Blayr, Balas, Blasi, Blaze

  • List: Girl Names Ending in E

    , Bine, Binne, Byrdie, Blaine, Blayne, Blane, Blayre, Blare, Blaire, Blaise, Blaize, Blaze, Blake

  • List: 5 Letter Girl Names

    , Binni, Binne, Blain, Blayn, Blane, Blair, Blare, Blayr, Blaza, Blaze, Blake, Blase, Blais, Blaiz, Bliss

  • List: Names to Substitute for Reed

    Leif, Roman, Eames, Quinn, Rhys, Ross, Drew, Tate, Slade, Reeve, Blake, Ryder, Roan, Keen, Reed, Finn

  • User List: B Names - interesting - alphabetical order

    Bailey, Benji, Billie, Billy, Blake, Blake, Bobby

  • User List: Girl Names

    Leighton, Blair, Anastasia, Blake

  • User List: Brother for Niamh

    Blaise, Cole, Grayson, Xander, Ridge

  • User List: Favorite Gender Neutral Names

    Thorne, Legend, Kai, Crimson, Roux, Percy, Percy, Blaise, Blaise

  • User List: Girls' Names I Love

    Ingrid, Quinn, Sawyer, Blake, Eliza

  • User List: BOYS

    Levi, Theo, Sage, Gideon, Blake, Kai, Emmett, Blaise, Leo, Milo, Jude, Eli, Tobias, Liam, Noah, Daniel, Julian, Sven, Kellen

  • User List: Girls

    Piper, Cadence, Aria, Persephone, Blaise

  • User List: 'B' baby Names

    Banjo, Basil, Bette, Blair, Blaire, Blaise, Blake, Blue, Blythe, Brett, Briony, Blane, Byron, Brock, Bruce, Bishop, Bayne

  • User List: Girl Names

    Avery, Blake, Matilda, Piper, Ruby

  • User List: Favorite Boy's Names with one syllable

    Ace, Blaise, Blake, Blane, Bleu, Chase, Finn, Flynn, Frost, Gray, Jace, Jack, James, Knox, Miles, Nash, Penn, Rex, Troy, Zane

  • User List: Me Likey!

    Summer, Faye, Madyson, Lisa, Lacey, Gareth, Blade

  • User List: Namespiration: Names of Hamlets in Buckinghamshire, U.K.

    Aston, Barley, Beacon, Blaise, Dean, Upton, Woodrow