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  • Blog Post: Have you ever been teased about your name?

    Pam Spam: That was a rare one, easy to ignore. But Pammy, said in a whine-y, wheedle-y voice, was more hurtful.  To this day, if someone wants to get under my skin (I'm looking at you, Cousin Michael), they call me Pammy. Were you ever teased about your name?  In what way?  How hurtful was it -- did it verge on bullying, or was it more affectionate, even a sign of popularity? And what about your children's names?  Did you look for a name that was tease-proof, or at least one that...

  • Blog Post: Words You Won’t Believe Have Been Turned Into Baby Names

    by Pamela Redmond Satran With word names from Genesis to Justice, Miracle to Heaven now used for thousands of children every year, we have to ask where the craze for turning words into baby names will end. The answer? Nowhere, as proven by these words-turned-names from the extended Social Security list for 2014. Here, our picks for the most outrageous words that parents are using to name their babies. [nggallery id="216" template="nameberry"]

  • Blog Post: Alternate Appellations: The names that might have been

    This week, Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel talks about the almost-names that might have been if

  • List: Names That Mean Been

  • List: International Variations of Helen

    Aileen, Aili, Alena, Alenka, Alyena, Alyiona, Alyona, Eileen, Eilidh, Elaina, Elen, Elena, Eleni

  • Fameberry: Helen Grace

    Grace Hightower & Robert De Niro

  • User List: Helen et. all

    Alina, Elaine, Elena, Eleni, Elin, Elya, Helaine, Helena, Helene, Ilena, Iliana, Ilona, Lena, Lenna, Lina, Olena, Eleanor, Eliora, Senara, Elina, Alena, Liora

  • User List: January Baby

    Cooper, Sloane, Brecken, Belen

  • User List: All list names have been taken

  • User List: Favourite Names That've Been There for Me

    Marcheline, Patton, Mordecai

  • User List: Random Names I've been thinking about

    Shelby, Adella, Britton, May, Aurora, Carolina, Georgia, Grace, Magnolia, Cecilia, Aubrey

  • User List: Every Name that's been in my Top Ten

    Aria, Charlotte, Melody, Grace, Rosalie, Hanna, Bay, Rebekah, Lila, Peyton, Lydia, Violet, Elena, Eloise, Ginevra, Maeve, Stella, Madilyn, Saskia, Winter, Griffin, Matthew, Toby, Samuel, Carter, Robert, Leo

  • List: Names that Peaked in 2002

    , Blake, Kade, Keyon, Jaylon, Jagger, Jaylin, Kaleb, Kelton, Keon, Mauricio, Riley, Savion, Trevion, Zakary, Jaheim, Alexandro, Belen, Kaiya, Jahiem

  • User List: Names that have been out of fashion for a while and could make a cool comeback

    Colin, Tracy, Sharon, Michelle, Claire, Ian, David, Robert, Lindsey, Kelly, Anthony, Victoria, Joanne, Carly

  • User List: Spanish and Latin Alternatives

    Meissa, Sienna, Livia, Alessandra, Alessia, Alia, Allegra, Amila, Amina, Ariel, Artemis, Ava, Avery, Beatriz, Belen, Calliope, Joya, Valora

  • User List: Names I Would Consider

    Isolde, Bernadette, Sonnet, Amelia, Hero, Bennet, Tristan, Della, Pax, Gia, Bryony, Bronwen, Belen

  • User List: B Names: Boy & Girl

    Breccan, Bastian, Bastien, Beau, Blaine, Blake, Brody, Bruno, Bryce, Bahia, Bahira, Boudicca, Belen

  • User List: Names I like but wouldn't use

    , Courtland, Luna, Cynthia, Genevieve, Charlotte, Glynnis, Brynn, Colton, Belen, Holly

  • Blog Post: 150+ European Baby Girl Names

    Artemisia Atarah Aurelie Avril Axelle Aziza Belen Branwen Brisa Britta

  • Blog Post: December Birth Announcements: Betty Nightingale and Darwin Orion

    Belen Arthur Simon and Clara Victoria Leandro Tristan Yves and Thiago Sasha Cove Vintage

  • List: Alternatives to Isabella

    , Azzurra, Belen, Bellamy, Bianca, Bibiana, Camilla, Carlotta, Cassia, Cecilia, Celestina, Chiara

  • User List: Female names

    Belen, Bellerose, Amity, Zoey, Cordelia, Cornelia, Penelope, Evangeline, Clementine, Adelaide

  • List: Unusual International Baby Girl Names

    Aili, Anais, Antonina, Apolline, Araceli, Araluen, Anoushka, Aziza, Anjali, Behati, Bibiana, Belen

  • User List: My own ABC list -girls

    Annora, Anya, Audrey, Belen, Brisa, Caroline, Carys, Cecilia, Daphne, Dulce, Elena, Eliana, Flora

  • Blog Post: Latin Baby Names: Most influential choices

    background virtually unused here but ripe for import: Girls AINHOA AITANA ALBA BELEN

  • User List: International and Multicultural Names for White Babes (boys and girls)

    , Arwen, Anika, Anouk, Athena, Aurora, Ava, Belen, Bronwen, Brynne, Danae, Francesca, Gemma, Quinn

  • User List: Baby Boy Martinez

    , Vincent, Wade, Wylie, Belen, Sage, Bodhi, Canaan, Canyon, Cy, Deacon, Dex, Dexter, Dresden, Gabriel

  • List: Place Names

    , Wellington, Benton, Asbury, Wells, Rome, Imo, Lawton, Kimberly, Belen, Montserrat, Percy, Bronx, Anniston

  • List: European Girl Names

    , Arlet, Aurelie, Axelle, Aya, Azzurra, Belen, Benedetta, Benthe, Brisa, Calixta, Candela, Caprice

  • List: Hispanic Baby Names

    , Axel, Belen, Benicio, Benito, Benjamin, Bianca, Bruno, Camila, Camilo, Candela, Carlos, Carmen