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  • List: Names That Mean Bent

  • List: Names That Mean Beat

  • User List: Off beat

    Saer, Saul, Shia, Silas, Stella, Stellan, Sullivan, Sybella, Selah, Sadie, Sylvie, Sabel, Sabel, Sia

  • User List: Off-Beat Boys' Names

    Alban, Alistair, Amias, Aubin, Auden, August, Baxter, Beau, Casper, Chester, Cohen, Conan, Euan, Fabian, Felix, Finnian, Gale, Gideon, Harris, Humphrey, Jasper, Judas, Levon, Lucian, Niall, Ralph, Remy, Reuben, Rory, Samson, Saul, Soren, Theo, Thibault, Willis

  • User List: Off Beat Vintage Girl Names

    Wilhelmina, Vera, Faye, Gertrude, Adelaide, Clementine, Cordelia, Josephine

  • User List: My grandma can beat up your grandma

    Abbott, Abe, Abner, Abraham, Adolf, Adolph, Agatha, Agnes, Aileen, Alan, Alberta, Alfred, Algernon, Allen, Alphonse, Alton, Alvin, Ambrose, Amos, Angus, Anita, Annette, Archibald, Arlene, Arthur, Augusta, Babette, Barb, Barbara, Barney, Bart, Bartholomew, Basil, Beatrice, Belinda, Bernadette, Bernard, Bernice, Bernie, Bert, Bertha, Bertram, Bertrand, Bess, Bessie, Betsy, Betty, Beulah, Beverly, Birdie, Blanche, Bobbie, Bonita, Bonnie, Buford, Carol, Casper, Cassius, Cathy, Cecil, Cheryl,...

  • User List: Gender Neutral or Gender Bent Names

    Parker, Peter, Prospero, Regan, Rutherford, Alastair

  • User List: Names So He / She Doesn't Get Beat Up

    Brennen, Brooks, Chad, Chase, Jake, Jared, Britton, Cameron, Cole, Even, Levi, Kerry, Jeremy, Aaron, Brad, Zac, Jamie, Jesse, James, Will, Chloe, Joy, Scarlett, Alex, Emma, Lena, Kate, Callie, Cody, Brooke, Bree, Aubree, Clara, Alyssa, Tara, Rene, Hayley, Jordyn, Gillian, Ginny, Jess, Mckayla, Kourtney, Phoebe, Nora

  • Forums: CAF (with uncommon names & off-beat choice)

  • Fameberry: Lucia Bella

    Eric Benet

  • Fameberry: Amoura Luna

    Eric Benet

  • User List: Hungarian Names for Boys

    Laszlo, Arpad, Bernat, Frigyes, Kazmer, Nandor, Vilmos

  • List: Catalan Names for Boys

    Arnau, Benet, Bernat, Cebrià, Enric, Mateu, Narcis, Nicasi, Felip, Ramon, Sants, Serafí, Vicenç, Jordi, Pol, Guillem, Oriol

  • List: Danish Names for Boys

    Adolf, Bendt, Jesper, Kristian, Christiansen, Clemens, Niels, Derick, Derrick, Diederik, Derk

  • User List: Absolutely Awesome Names 2

    Charis, Charisma, Claus, Clio, Cletus, Coral, Cosimo, Daphne, Delta, Akoni, Alba, Asia, Belva, Bence, Bendt, Caius, Cato, Cherry, Chevy, Colm

  • List: Danish Names

    , Pedrine, Vibeke, Adolf, Bendt, Jesper, Kristian, Christiansen, Clemens, Niels, Derick, Derrick

  • User List: Kiira's Favorites -- Male

    , Carlyle, Wild, Caelan, Huckleberry, Ian, Indigo, Lane, Whitaker, Hazard, Jacob, Eino, Byrne, Bendt

  • List: Girl Names Ending in T

    , Melilot, Amoret, Millet, Loriot, Bright, Morisot, Benét, Cabernet, Cricket, Harriett, Margeret

  • Blog Post: July Celebrity Baby Names: Maya, Meilani & Myllena

    India (Eric Benét and Manuela Testolini) Annalisa (Laura and Mark Tomlinson) Brooklyn Faith

  • User List: Best of B (girls)

    Bahira, Baptista, Barbara, Bathsheba, Beatrice, Beatrix, Belen, Belinda, Belle, Benay, Benedetta

  • User List: Most Embarrassing Names on Nameberry

    Anis, Arsen, Asser, Bald, Beat, Belcher, Boote, Brain, Buttler, Charmin, Corny, Diarra, Dick, Ding

  • Blog Post: Presidential Names: Sometimes losers have winning names

    presidential election (at least in the 29 contests held since 1900). Woodrow Wilson beat out William

  • List: Olympic Baby Names

    Abebe, Anais, Antonella, Apolo, Arisa, Arnaud, Ayumu, Babe, Beat, Benoit, Bernadette, Birgit

  • User List: Boys - Long List

    Alaric, Alexander, Alfred, Alistair, Arthur, Barnabas, Benedict, Benet, Breccan, Charles, Conan

  • Blog Post: Unique New York Baby Names!

    angle, Jeter and LeBron; and with a religious bent, Rabbi, Priest, and Jesuskingoftheworld. You've

  • List: Boy Names Ending in T

    , Venedikt, Benet, Bennt, Bennedict, Bennett, Benevolent, Benett, Benoît, Bernhart, Bernhardt, Bernat

  • Blog Post: 12 Unusual Literary Lads: Jabez, Japhy & Jolyon

    Benét (and also in the bestselling The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson. Jabez Stone is a

  • Blog Post: Baby Names from Books: 20 Lost Literary Boys’ Names

    farmer who bargains with the devil in the Stephen Vincent Benet short story The Devil and Daniel

  • Blog Post: Starbaby News: The Jagger Dynasty, gender-bending and more

    singer Eric Benet and wife Manuela Testolini welcomed Amoura Luna, a little sister for Lucia Bella

  • Blog Post: 20 Weird Baby Names Celebrities Are Obsessed With

    other celebrity couples beat the Pauls to the punch. Story is far from alone. It's just one of the