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  • Blog Post: How About Harvey? What About Walter?

    The Nameberry Question of the Week: Would you name your baby boy Harvey or Stanley or any of the other up-and-coming oldies appearing on the recently released British pop list? Is this another case where the Yanks will follow the Brits in baby-naming trends and revive such previously verboten Grandpa names as Harvey, Arthur, Leon, Walter and Stanley-- all once considered distinguished in their day?  Or similar in style name like  Gilbert, Murray, Ralph, Howard or Ernest? Which, if any,...

  • Blog Post: Great Names: All About Katherine

    given to about 13,000 baby girls a year, which puts it firmly in the Top 10. And add all the

  • Blog Post: Ada: Out before it's in???

    Jennifer & Jason, slated to come out next spring, will be titled Beyond Ava & Aiden. Parents

  • Blog Post: Over-the-Luna About Baby Names

    married a Bavarian nobleman and the name died out.  It’s virtually unknown today. Florence – Thanks

  • Blog Post: 19 Signs You're Obsessive About Names

    By Pamela Redmond Satran Here at Nameberry, we know a lot about name obsession: We've been pretty

  • Blog Post: Boy Baby Names: Let's talk about Liam

    By Linda Rosenkrantz The biggest news of the 2017 SSA popularity list release was that we have a brand new boy at the top. It’s Liam, who heralds a new era in several ways. It’s the first name with such distinctive non-biblical, non Anglo-Saxon roots. And it’s the first to be a shortened form of another name. So who is Liam? And why has he replaced the traditional William nickname names of Will and Willie, Bill and Billy (the latter actually making something of a comeback), in the...

  • Blog Post: TV's Out-of-Synch Name Syndrome

    . In other words, forget about hackers stealing babies — PATRICIA ARQUETTE STOLE A BABY'S NAME

  • Blog Post: Are You Honest About Names?

    The question of the week: how honest are you about names? In all of our books and here on

  • Blog Post: Baby Names Backwards and Inside Out

    seems people either love it or loathe it. I have read some truly hateful things said about the name and

  • Blog Post: 5 Ways to Get Dads Excited About Baby Names

    (I'm about to make several of those), but men need to take a more active role. And I don't mean

  • Blog Post: Baby Names From Ordinary to Out-There

    . Dafne – Wondering about that unusual name I mentioned earlier? Ireland’s Derval O’Rourke competed

  • Blog Post: Are you and your partner in sync about names?

    persuading the other to go with their choice? Have your name discussions shown you something about your partner that you hadn’t seen before?

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Survey Says: Some Thoughts About Your Thoughts

    far the best baby-name site out there!"  Thanks! Also heartwarming to us was the fact that the

  • Blog Post: 6 Ways Not To Fight About Baby Names

    women often have very different tastes in and ideas about names. Men, he found, were more likely to

  • Blog Post: A Celebrity Mom Talks About Her Surprising Name Choice

    , most loyal women you could ever know. Later on when I was telling my husband Taylor about my

  • Blog Post: Secret-Identity Nicknames: How about Tim for Septimus?

    . Matt—Matthew has hovered in the Top 10-20 for decades, and Matthias has begun moving up. How about

  • Blog Post: Sweet Spot Baby Names: Fitting in and standing out

    expressed in our books, it has always been distilled into the phrase fitting in/standing out. Located

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: Nine Out-of-this-World Choices

    By Abby Sandel, Appellation Mountain Need fresh inspiration for your baby’s name? Take a cue from celebrity parents, and look to the sky. This week, actress Leonor Varela and her producer husband Lucas Akoskin welcomed daughter Luna Mae Akoskin. Luna joins big brother Matteo. Reality television’s Yandy Smith, of Love & Hip Hop fame, and Mendeecees Harris announced their daughter’s name, too: Skylar Smith Harris, a little sister for Omere. Whether it’s a name starting with Sky, or...

  • Blog Post: Tell Us About Your Berry Alias!

    Linda and I were talking about our beloved Berries the other day, naturally calling people by their

  • Blog Post: Classic Girls' Names: All about Alice

    and the German is ah-lit-za. So, let’s have a shout-out for Alice!

  • Blog Post: Bold Boy Names: How about Thor?

    started talking about marriage and kids. I adore my father-in-law, and he wears his name well. He even

  • Blog Post: QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Who do you talk to when you talk about names?

    WHO DO YOU TALK TO WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT NAMES? Today’s question is: where do you turn when


    ." Seems when she complained about it, Sonny would say "Be thankful we didn't name you Dweezil

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry Survey: We want to know more about you!

    You know a lot about us, so now it's time for us to find out a little more about you. Please

  • Blog Post: Parents' Wisdom: Separating myth from fact about babies' sleep

    comes to comforting. Some parents worry about their baby overheating, but if she's dressed properly

  • Blog Post: Have you ever been teased about your name?

    Michael), they call me Pammy. Were you ever teased about your name?  In what way?  How hurtful was it

  • Blog Post: 8 Things About Twins You May Not Know

    recently adopted twin four-year-old girls from Malawi. With all the twinning out there, we’re bringing

  • Blog Post: Parenting Advice: What no one tells you about newborns

    look or feel like you expected. Check out the surprising stuff no one tells you about parenting a

  • User List: Names I've Heard Whilst Out & About

    Abbey, Adam, Addison, Aidan, Alesha, Alfie, Alice, Amy, Andy, Anthony, Autumn, Bailey, Baptiste, Ben, Benjamin, Bethan, Bethany, Billy, Brandon, Brychan, Cameron, Cerys, Chanel, Charlie, Charmaine, Chloe, Chris, Christian, Connor, Courtney, Daisy, Daniel, Danielle, David, Delores, Denim, Deonte, Destiny, Devon, Dominic, Dylan, Edgar, Ellie, Elliott, Emmanuel, Ethan, Everly, Faye, Francesca, Franklin, Gary, Gemma, George, Harley, Harley, Harry, Harvey, Hayley, Hermione, Ian, Imogen, Isabelle,...

  • List: Baby Names So Far In They're Out

    Alivia, Paisley, Ava, Isla, Harper, Brooklyn, Zoey, Jayceon, Juniper, Monroe, Brantley, Hendrix, Adalynn, Adley, Hadley, Harley, Bentley, Bristol, Leighton, Legend, Royalty, Reign, Knox, Aria, Arya, Henley, Archer, Major, Axton, Jaxton, Jackson, Maxton, Princeton, Mason, Madison, Addison, Riley, Aiden, Jaxon, Grayson, Landon, Brayden, Easton, Jace, Jaxson, Nevaeh, Serenity, Kylie, Mackenzie, Aubree, Brianna, Ayden, Bryson, Everly, Ryder, Kayden, Brandon, Tristan, Axel, Brielle, Khloe, Camden,...