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  • Blog Post: Valentine Names from Angel to Venus


  • Blog Post: Patron Saints: Guardians for your little angel

    How would you like a little extra special protection added to the other assets of your baby’s name?  Patron saints are guardians over particular aspects of life—they can defend against an illness, or look out for people practicing a certain occupation or other interest.  Sometimes these assignments were set centuries ago, others have been made more recently, as in the cases of ecology, advertising, computer technicians and television.  Here are some of the most usable and interesting patron...

  • List: Names That Mean Angel

  • Blog Post: Angel Names: 25 heavenly names for your little cherub

    names--Angela, Angelica, Angelo, et al, that mean 'angel' or 'messenger'; Evangeline, whose meaning

  • List: Angel Names for Babies

    , Engelbert, Nathaniel, Micah, Mitra, Siofra, Vanina, Angela, Angelo, Angie, Arcangela, Angelique, Arella, Atchara

  • User List: Angel Names

    Gabriel, Michael, Cassiel, Raphael, Azrael, Haniel, Adriel, Nuriel, Mael, Talia

  • Fameberry: Angel Iris

    Melanie (Spice Girl) Brown

  • User List: Angel Baby

    Cricket, Aspen, Sparrow, Lennon, Valor, Ever, Everly, Finley, Tully, Cedar, Willow

  • User List: angel rose

  • Fameberry: Leonardo Angel Charles

    Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

  • User List: Buffy and Angel

    Allan, Alyson, Amber, Amy, Andrew, Angel, Anthony, Anya, Ben, Buffy, Caleb, Charisma, Clem, Collin

  • User List: VS Angel Model Names

    Abbey, Adriana, Alanna, Alek, Alessandra, Aminata, Ana, Anaise, Anastasia, Andi, Angela, Angelika

  • User List: Favourite Angel Names

    Anahita, Ariel, Cassiel, Charmeine, Elijah, Gabriel, Haniel, Lailah, Micah, Michael, Nathaniel, Raphael, Uriel

  • User List: Buffy and Angel female names

    Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, Dawn, Joyce, Faith, Drusilla, Darla, Harmony, Amy, Tara, Kennedy, Anya, Gwendolyn, Aura, Amanda, Annabelle, Kathy, Caridad, Chloe, Colleen, Dianne, Dominique, Eve, Molly, Nora, Rona, Shannon, Soledad, Violet, Winifred, Lilah, Jasmine, Kate, Gwen, Nina, Joan, Lily, Anne, Jill, Cecily

  • User List: Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Names (Joss Whedon TV Show)

    Angel, Wesley, Cordelia, Winifred, Lorne, Green, Liam, Gunn, Charles, Buffy, Alexander, Anya

  • User List: What Child Is This? : Bible-Inspired Names for your Christmas Angel

    Angelina, Anna, Balthazar, Caroline, Casper, Christian, Christopher, Celia, David, Davina, Dove, Elizabeth, Emanuel, Epiphany, Evangeline, Faith, Gabriel, Gabrielle, Gloria, Harper, Hope, Isaiah, Jasper, Joseph, Joy, Judah, Luke, Magi, Mary, Micah, Natalia, Noel, Paloma, Seraphina, Shalom, Shepherd, Simeon, Stella

  • Blog Post: German Baby Names: Ansel, Arno and Ivo

    journalist Alaric Jacob. Ansel- With teen heartthrob Ansel Elgort making his way into the mainstream, are

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: From Angelo to Kick

    flair. Angelo – Speaking of Italian, isn’t Adele’s son right at home with all those little boys

  • User List: Angels

    Abijah, Abdiel, Abimael, Abiah, Adah, Adriel, Adira, Addar, Alef, Amael, Amari, Amiel, Arela, Amariah, Ari, Asahel, Ashira, Aviva, Aziel, Azrael, Bethia, Cain, Chaim, Daniel, Doveva, Edi, Eila, Eilam, Eilon, Eliam, Elula, Elul, Enoch, Ephraim, Erela, Ephai, Este, Ezri, Gabriel, Gadiel, Galya, Gavi, Gavriela, Hadriel, Hazael, Havilah, Hiram, Ilana, Ilan, Ilisha, Ivria, Jael, Jerusha, Joachim, Kelilah, Kemuel, Kiriah, Leah, Keryn, Lemuel, Leora, Lesia, Lev, Lior, Lior, Livana, Liya, Mahala,...

  • List: Names That Mean Anger

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Announcements Worth the Wait: Violet, Luna, and Angelo

    an interview nearly a year after their birth. Angelo - Songstress Adele welcomed a son in 2012

  • Fameberry: Angelo James


  • Fameberry: Angelo James

    Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzo & Jhonni La Valle

  • User List: El's Angels xxx

    Charlotte, Selena, Jade

  • User List: my girly girl

    Alyssa, Kendra, Angel

  • User List: Favourite A Names

    Adelaide, Angel, Ariana, Ava, Aron

  • List: 12 Letter Boy Names

    , Mascimiliano, Michelangelo, Philadelphia, Valentiniano, Watterkinson, Christoforus, Miguel Angel, Jose

  • User List: Beautiful, but too religious

    Evangeline, Trinity, Angel, Celeste, Pascal, Noel

  • User List: special first names for my baby boys.

    Angel, Arrow, Janus, Messiah, Stellan, Dakota

  • User List: 'Bad' Names

    Angel, Azrael, Beretta, Drusilla, Jace, Mace, Ransom, Spike, Thorne