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  • User List: Andr-names

    Andrew, Anders, Andreas, Andre, Anderson, Andrina, Andrea, Andreaka, Andreanna, Andreane, Andris

  • User List: Andi Mack

    Andi, Mack, Bowie, Lilian, Peyton, Elizabeth, Sofia, Lee, Wylie, Joshua, Rush, Asher, Angel

  • Fameberry: Andy Rose

    Jack & Lisa Osbourne

  • List: Unique Invented and Word Names

    Beacon, Boheme, Brevin, Camber, Cameo, Dancer, December, Early, Epic, Fable, Flame, Holiday, Horizon, Nimbus, Ode, Poet, Quay, Reverie, Solstice, Stellar, Tao, Valley, Whimsy, Winner

  • List: Jewel and Gemstone Baby Names

    Agate, Alabaster, Amber, Amethyst, Beryl, Bijou, Carnelian, Citrine, Copper, Coral, Coralie, Crystal, Diamante, Diamond, Ebony, Emerald, Emeraude, Esmeralda, Garnet, Garnet, Gemma, Giada, Golda, Golde, Goldie, Heliodor, Ivory, Jade, Jasper, Jem, Jet, Jewel, Lapis, Larimar, Lazuli, Malachite, Mercury, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Perla, Ruby, Ruri, Saffira, Sapphire, Shale, Silver, Slate, Takara, Tamako, Topaz, Turquoise, Zariza

  • List: Rocker and Rapper Kids' Names

    Ace, Adalynn, Alabama, Alfie, Alzea, Anaise, Angel, Apple, Artemis, Atlanta, Axl, Bamboo, Blue, Cadence, Cash, Caspar, Cassius, Chance, Chanel, Chicago, Coco, Colette, Cosimo, Cross, Cruz, Cypress, Decker, Della, Devereaux, Django, Domani, Draven, Dream, Dusty, Egypt, Elijah, Elmo, Everly, Fire, Frankie-Jean, Frankito, Future, Genesis, Geronimo, Gia, Giacomo, Gio, God'Iss, Hallie, Halo, Happy, Harmony, Harper, Heaven, Heiress, Hendrix, Henry, Ickitt, Ikhyd, Indigo, Italia, Jameson, Jessie,...

  • Blog Post: Prince and Princess Names: From fiction and fable and screen

    names are always a hot topic of discussion, and with the spring due date of the Queen’s newest great

  • Fameberry: Rumi And Sir

    Beyonce & Jay-Z

  • List: Unique Boy Names: Unusual and Rare

    Abner, Adlai, Ambrose, Amias, Anatole, Angus, Atlas, Aurelius, Auden, Auberon, Azriel, Balthazar, Barnaby, Baxter, Booker, Branch, Caius, Casimir, Cassian, Clement, Crispin, Cyprien, Caspian, Constantine, Cosmo, Delano, Denzel, Dion, Edmond, Elihu, Emrys, Everest, Fabian, Finlo, Flint, Gower, Grover, Guthrie, Hadrian, Hawk, Helios, Horatio, Ike, Indiana, Idris, Inigo, Isidore, Jericho, Jex, Jolyon, Kendry, Kit, Kofi, Lazer, Leander, Leopold, Lex, Liev, Linus, Loyal, Lowell, Luther, Lynx,...

  • List: Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare

    Aberdeen, Abra, Adair, Afra, Aidy, Alva, Amabel, Ambrosia, Amorette, Anoki, Anouk, Anthea, Apolline, Arrietty, Atlanta, Augustina, Aurelie, Avis, Axelle, Banks, Bay, Beata, Bee, Bergen, Beryl, Bess, Bijou, Blanche, Blue, Branwen, Bronte, Caitriona, Calais, Callen, Calypso, Camber, Cameo, Caoimhe, Cassiopeia, Cecile, Celestia, Cerys, Cicely, Ciel, Circe, Clancy, Clea, Clementina, Clio, Consuelo, Corin, Cressida, Cricket, Desta, Dharma, Dominica, Domino, Dot, Dulcie, Ebba, Eilidh, Electra,...

  • List: Cool Boy Names—Rare, Unique and Unusual

    Albie, Aleph, Alexio, Alwin, Anchor, Anselm, Anthem, Arno, Artie, Ashford, Augusto, Aureliano, Aviv, Ayo, Azure, Balthazar, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Bastien, Beacon, Benedetto, Beowulf, Berlin, Beto, Birch, Bravery, Breaker, Breslin, Brio, Caldwell, Calvert, Cashel, Castor, Caesar, Cecilio, Celio, Cielo, Ciro, Cisco, Colm, Conlan, Conroy, Cornelio, Cosimo, Crispin, Curran, Cyprian, Darrow, Delfino, Dennison, Didier, Doyle, Drexel, Dublin, Eames, East, Eaton, Eber, Edris, Edsel, Eero, Eleazer,...

  • User List: Next on: Will Andy find a name?

    Ezra, Henry, Pluto, Ronan, Evander, Noah, Kieran, Oliver, Beau

  • Blog Post: Name Images and Impressions

    their children---even a little bit-- and even though you know you shouldn't?

  • List: Names That Mean Fame and Fortune

    Adelma, Ademar, Aintza, Aisha, Aishwarya, Akudo, Alcide, Alda, Aloisia, Aloysius, Asher, Ayan, Bonaventure, Boniface, Bronislaw, Chauncy, Clelia, Cleopas, Cleopatra, Cleora, Cliantha, Clio, Clothilde, Cuthbert, Dhana, Dovizia, Eamon, Edgar, Edie, Edith, Edmund, Edric, Edsel, Edward, Edwin, Estes, Faust, Faustina, Fayola, Felicity, Felix, Filmore, Florence, Floy, Fortunate, Fortune, Gadiel, Ganesha, Gloria, Gloriana, Glory, Hadar, Halona, Hannibal, Helga, Hercules, Hobbes, Imran, Jessie,...

  • List: Unique Baby Names: Unusual and Rare

    Abilene, Abrial, Acacia, Acacius, Acantha, Achilles, Addax, Adelia, Adlai, Akira, Alabama, Alamo, Alaric, Albany, Aldo, Alethea, Aletris, Alia, Almond, Amaryllis, Ambretta, Ambrose, Ambrosia, Amias, Amoret, Anatole, Andorra, Andromeda, Anemone, Anise, Annika, Anselm, Anwen, Apollonia, Apple, Aquilina, Aquitaine, Ara, Arabia, Araceli, Aragon, Araminta, Arbor, Arcadia, Argentina, Ari, Arley, Artemisia, Asa, Asaiah, Aspen, Assisi, Asta, Aster, Asteria, Atarah, Atlanta, Auberon, Audra, Augusta,...

  • Blog Post: Starbaby Inspirations and Variations

    and sister North are no longer original choices. However, hope is not all lost! We can use these once

  • Fameberry: Tristan And Sasha

    Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth

  • Blog Post: July Baby Names: Julia and Julian and beyond

    For this first day of July, guest blogger and prized nameberry intern, Sonia Tsuruoka looks into

  • Blog Post: Boys' and Girls' Names--and the size of their sounds

    ? According to Shakespeare’s heroine Juliet (in Romeo and Juliet) not much: “What’s in a name” Juliet says

  • Blog Post: Jersey Boys and Girls: Trenton, Edison and Elizabeth

    believe, written by yours truly, a proud ‘Joi-sey’ girl. You want to make something of it? And for all

  • Blog Post: Bold B-Names and Beyond: Booker, Bowie, Bridget and Bijou

    By Abby Sandel, Appellation Mountain Brian is your brother-in-law, Bill’s your uncle, and

  • Blog Post: The Flora and Fauna of Easter: Lily, Birch and Oona

    Christmas may have its reindeer and holly, and Thanksgiving its turkeys, but no holiday has as many

  • Blog Post: Boys' Names Ins and Outs

    Yesterday we took a look at the girls’ names moving in and out of fashion and now we turn our

  • Blog Post: Bridesmaid Names: Pippa and beyond

    the past as well as the present. Wedding season is upon us. On Friday, Kate and William got things

  • Blog Post: Isabella and Jacob Still #1

    Isabella and Jacob are still the top names in the U.S., according to the official statistics for

  • Blog Post: A Girl Named James! And Maxwell and Wyatt...

    The persistent Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds baby name rumor has been confirmed by the baby's proud papa on The Today Show. She’s named James – less outrageous than it seems in the context of all the recent celebrity baby girls given names formerly reserved for boys.  Here, Abby Sandel collects a baker’s dozen starbaby girls with boys’ – or do we call them unisex? -- names: [nggallery id="200" template="nameberry"]

  • Blog Post: Science and the Sounds and Shapes of Names

    personality traits people associate with certain names. And if you’d like to delve further into the subject

  • Blog Post: The Birds and the B's: Birdie and Bodhi

    By Clare Green This week's news includes names inspired by birds, androids and an African city

  • Blog Post: Hawaiian Names: Lush and lovely

    different from others, with Chloe, Isabella and Madison, Ethan, Noah and Isaiah at the top.  It

  • Blog Post: Gossip Girl (and Boy) Names

    Gossip Girl. And as I take in the adventures of these upper-crusty New York teens, I can’t help but