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  • Blog Post: All the August Starbabies

    By CaraMichelle An interesting month of names on starbaby birth certificates.  First of all

  • Blog Post: July Babyberries: Asa & Augusta & Atticus

    . First of all, three lovely pairs of twin girls: Antoinette July and Cordelia Somerset Estelle

  • Blog Post: Great Names: All About Katherine

    Henry VIII. (Interestingly, some reputable sources list the spelling of the name of all three to be

  • Blog Post: Name the All-Boy Quints!

    All-boy quintuplets are very rare, so naming them is one of those name nerd fantasies that is

  • Blog Post: Ada: Out before it's in???

    enchanted with Ava but looking for a fresh twist have discovered Ada.  If you check out the

  • Blog Post: Name the All-Girl Quints!

    ! Naming all-girl quintuplets was one of my formative name nerd fantasies, inspired by the Dionne

  • Blog Post: What's your favorite of all names?

    The Question of the Week: Is there one name about which you can loudly proclaim: I love this name, always have and always will? ... a name that you’ve been crazy about forever –maybe starting  when you scribbled it in the margins of your school notebook—and are certain that you'll continue to feel that way about, no matter whether it’s in or out, up or down, or whatever. What exactly is there about it that appeals to you so much?  What qualities have made it your enduring favorite...

  • Blog Post: Greatest Baby Name Influencers of All Time

    . Here, the greatest baby name influencers of all time: [imagebrowser id=37]

  • Blog Post: Armenian Names: From Ara to Zabelle


  • Blog Post: Royal Baby Name: All bets are on!

    As the due date for the Duchess of Cambridge approaches, the British betting establishments have gone into mad odds-shifting mode on every aspect of William and Kate's child including the royal baby name.  They’re taking bets on the future sovereign’s hair color to future university and career choices and even which magazine will have the exclusive photos. But of course the main focus is on the baby’s name–putting on the table some obvious, conventional royal ancestor options, and also some...

  • Blog Post: President's Day Names: All the Presidents’ children

    We're all pretty familiar with the names of  the presidents whose surnames have beeen commonly used

  • Blog Post: Classic Girls' Names: All about Alice

    years have included Aleydis, Adaliz, Alaïs, Adelicia, Aliz, Aaliz, Alia, Alix, Aeleis, and Alys.  We

  • Blog Post: Family Name Drain: They've Used Them All!

    They’ve used up all of the family names! Should they call their new son Melvin? Or is there a

  • Blog Post: Where have all the F names gone?

    style of name. The names that were in the top in 1880 stayed in the top for quite a while, but all of

  • Blog Post: Are all the good names taken?!

    -time name. It doesn't help that our last name is also fairly common. All of the boys’ names I like

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: Ada to Zeppelin

    )  Zoe Alaina and Jack Frank (Tim and Rachael Morehouse)  Girls: Ada (Uraz Kaygilaroglu and Melis

  • Fameberry: Ava

    Paz Vega


    other names in La-La land include LALA itself, LALIA, LALITA, LALLY, the Hawaiian LEILANI, LELIA

  • Blog Post: All-American Names: From Dixie to Franklin to Tallulah

    Witherspoon named her daughter Ava back in 1999 she helped propel a name that was already steadily

  • Blog Post: Boys' Baby Names: They're getting cooler all the time

    enough time passed to separate this possibility from politics?  I think so.  After all, there was

  • Blog Post: December Babyberries: Apollo Alan and Penny-Lane Brenda

    By Linda Rosenkrantz Congratulations and welcome to all the beautifully named babyberries born

  • Blog Post: Bravo! Share the best baby name you've heard all year

    Maybe it's the name your sister picked for her baby. Or a name your heard in the Nameberry birth announcements. It might be an admirable celebrity baby name (there are a few). Or even the name you chose for your own child. What's a baby name you've heard in recent months that you loved?  A baby naming job well done you'd like to celebrate? Share your favorite recent baby name with us here.

  • Blog Post: Water Names: How To Pick A Name That’s All Wet

    Not long ago, a couple I know—both serious swimmers—asked me if I could help them come up with a girl’s name that related to water.  They didn’t want any site-specific water names —no actual names of oceans or rivers or seas, no Hudsons or Niles for them-- but something with the feel or sense or literal meaning of water. I put together a relatively short list for them of water-related words and names whose meanings reference water.  Here’s a considerably expanded version of those water...

  • Blog Post: Family Names: All-of-a-kind baby naming

    Guest blogger Dionne Ford swore she'd never do what her parents did: give all her kids names

  • Blog Post: The Royal Baby Name: All bets are on

    letter ‘d’ in reference to the forthcoming babe. As we all know by now, the Brits are big on

  • Blog Post: Popular Baby Names: The Top 100 of All Time

    Popular baby names change every year, but here we bring you the top names in the U.S. of all time

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Heresies: Some nameberry faves are not loved by all

    Yesterday, as I was writing about the favorite names on nameberry, it seemed as if all was in

  • Blog Post: The 10 Weirdest Baby Names Stories of All Time

    Baby names seem to get stranger every day, but what are the weirdest baby name tales of all time

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: But I Like All 42 Names!

    writing. 42! I like them all. They’re nice. But nothing has that same sparkle. After a million

  • Blog Post: Trendy Baby Names: The trendiest of all time

    the famous Kardashians. From the dawn of recorded U.S. baby name history -- aka 1880, when the