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  • Blog Post: Geographic Names Over Time

    (despite being a lovely city in British Columbia). So let's take our trip back in time. What was

  • Blog Post: Greatest Baby Name Influencers of All Time

    Which people over time have had the greatest influence on baby names in the U.S.? We’ve collected

  • List: Names That Mean Lime

  • List: Names That Mean Time

  • Blog Post: Boy Baby Names: A time for compromise

    They don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but they do know the names - or they did. Now friends have chosen their top boy baby name, and it’s back to the drawing board for Anna and her husband. Anna writes: We've got a bit of a dilemma on our hands, and I'm hoping you can help. Our older two are Daphne Rose and Charles Ender. We love old-fashioned yet less common first names (literary or Biblical) paired with family names for the middle name. Since the baby is due on the Ides of...

  • Blog Post: Boys' Baby Names: They're getting cooler all the time

    suitcase. They’re fresh and inventive, and yet they’re definitely masculine at the same time.  Some

  • List: Names That Mean Aim

  • Blog Post: The Most Popular Names Over Time

    By Kelli Brady, NameFreak! Ever wonder which name has been given the most overall? Of course I have! To satisfy my curiosity on the matter, I totaled the raw numbers of all names ever recorded by the SSA since the data has been collected (1880). I must say the results are very interesting! Since more than 38,000 names have been given to boys and 64,000 names have been given to girls over the years, it is not possible for me to include all of them here. What I did include are the top 25...



  • Blog Post: Baby Name Choice: Ryder-- A name ahead of its time

    someone who did not love her own name, Gay (I will save that story for another time), the

  • Blog Post: Trendy Baby Names: The trendiest of all time

    by Pamela Redmond Satran Trendy baby names have been around a lot longer Miley Cyrus or any of the famous Kardashians. From the dawn of recorded U.S. baby name history -- aka 1880, when the federal government began keeping records -- we've adopted names inspired by current events and popular people and culture, only to leave them behind for a new inspiration the next year. The inspiration for name trends a century ago may have been politicians and war heroes rather than reality stars,...

  • Blog Post: Oscar-Nominated Names: Time to cast your ballots

    By Linda Rosenkrantz A couple of weeks ago we covered the Golden Globe nominee names, and now, as predicted and promised, we have a wider field to pick from with the new Oscar nominations, which include a wide range of behind-the-scenes people.  Not surprisingly, as a reflection of the gender imbalance in the industry, there are a lot more boys’ than girls’ names. So here are some of the best names that were not included on the Golden Globes slate, with several interesting international...

  • Blog Post: The 10 Top Girls' Names of All Time

    girl births. (This at a time when the US population was 70 million, compared with 318 million today

  • Blog Post: When’s the best time to announce baby’s name?

    opinions, to pronounce it to the world at any time during your pregnancy (or even before)? Would

  • Blog Post: Popular Baby Names: The Top 100 of All Time

    Popular baby names change every year, but here we bring you the top names in the U.S. of all time

  • Blog Post: Old-Time Radio Names: Zenith, Zero and Tao

    day set aside to commemorate old time radio—I but hope you can take some time out to look at these

  • Blog Post: The 10 Weirdest Baby Names Stories of All Time

    Baby names seem to get stranger every day, but what are the weirdest baby name tales of all time

  • Blog Post: The 12 Biggest Baby Name Influencers of Our Time

    names, are the biggest baby name influencers of our time. -- Pamela Redmond Satran [nggallery id="224" template="nameberry"]

  • Blog Post: In the Nick(names) of Time: The oldies are back!

    Nicole, fresher than Nicky Sadie, the old-time nickname for Sarah is back Thea for Cynthia, who

  • Blog Post: Saturday Night Live Baby Names: Are they ready for prime time?

    Saturday Night Live has been around for 34 years, and over its long run it has featured many of the funniest, most creative, offbeat comic talents in America--some of whom have gone on to become so iconic that we've almost forgotten they were ever regulars on the show.  As in Billy Crystal, Robert Downey Jr, Bill Murray, Dennis Miller, Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Martin Short and Senator Al "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough" Franken. The question is: did they...

  • Blog Post: Question of the Week:Has your taste in names changed over time?

    your taste in names has changed/evolved over time. Have your older faves held up or do you find

  • Blog Post: 5 Things Every First-Time Parent Needs To Know About Baby Names

    -time parents today were born, say thirty years ago, there were just shy of 20,000 baby names recorded

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    Amara, Asher, Carly, Darien, Davis, Elliot, Ian, Joseph, Joshua, Marcus, Matthew, Michelle, Miriam, Mona, Paul, Rae, Rhys, Richard, Sakura, Samuel, Scott, Serenity, Sora, Tea, Thomas, Vincent, Willow

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    April, August, Autumn, Aviva, Bahaar, Caroun, Cerelia, December, January, July, June, March, May, Monday, November, October, Season, September, Spring, Summer, Sunday, Tuesday, Verna, Wednesday, Winter

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    Carla, Gray, Lucy, Wendy, Lily, Cana

  • User List: Time and Date Names

    Wednesday, Sunday, Saturday, January, March, April, May, June, July, August, October, November, December

  • User List: All-Time Girl Favorites

    Amelia, Ariadne, Arwen, Azar, Charlie, Ciara, Daria, Dyani, Evadne, Freya, Holly, Indie, Indigo, Locklyn, January, Joss, Karys, Kenzie, Max, Mika, Mila, Naomi, November, Olive, Olympia, Parker, Presley, Riann, Reagan, Renata, Riley, Saskia, Seren, Teagan

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    Allison, Aurelia, Violet, Astrid, Laurel, Lavender, Annaliese

  • User List: All Time Favourites

    Abel, Ace, Adrienne, Alabama, Allegra, Amadea, Amadeus, Analeigh, Ansel, Apollonia, Ariadne, Artemis, Aspen, Astoria, Atlas, Atticus, August, Bailey, Benny, Blossom, Bram, Bronco, Calypso, Capella, Caspian, Cassiopeia, Castiel, Celestia, China, Clark, Coco, Colbie, Coralie, Cordelia, Daryl, Demeter, Duke, Echo, Eero, Elias, Ember, Everett, Ezekiel, Fable, Fiore, Ford, Gatsby, Giulietta, Gray, Hadrian, Hero, Holliday, Honey, Hunter, Ichabod, Io, Iris, Isolde, Jackson, James, Japheth, Jeremiah,...

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    Aaron, Sam, Cody, Christian, Gabriel, Luke, Jude, Desmond, Quincy